Eizo’s ColorEdge professional monitor

Eizo ColorEdge is a series of colour management monitors for colour-critical applications such as photography, design, print, video, and more. It is made up of the CG and CS Series

02 May 2023 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The CG series has a built-in calibration sensor to automate the workflow and covers 99% Adobe RGB colour space

WhatPackaging? (WP): What does it do?
Rohan Chahande (RC):
CG Series monitors come with a built-in calibration sensor that ensures the screen stays colour-accurate. ColorEdge was the first monitor to feature this technology directly built into the bezel. Eizo’s engineers received a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for this technology.

The sensor can be set to calibrate the monitor automatically at designated times, even when the monitor is off, eliminating the need for third-party calibration devices. Every ColorEdge monitor supports Eizo’s free proprietary calibration software, ColorNavigator 7 for intuitive and precise colour management.

WP: Explain what it is suitable for?
ColorEdge is ideal for creatives in photography, printing, soft proofing, textile printing, post-production, 3D CG, design, illustration, and many more. In the printing sector, for a monitor to serve as a reference for a digital print template, it needs to display colours and gradations that accurately reflect the final print.

Using ColorEdge throughout the design and printing workflow ensures that the same colour information is shared at each step of the process. The images display consistently at each designer workstation for a reliable end result.

WP: When was it launched?
Eizo launched its first ColorEdge monitor in 2003. It introduced the world’s first monitor with a built-in calibration sensor in 2010. The latest generation of ColorEdge CG Series monitors, CG2700X and CG2700S, were globally launched in January 2022. The latest in the CS Series, the CS2400S, was launched in February 2023. Most recently, Eizo also launched the CS2400R, an sRGB monitor in the CS Series for entry-level creatives focused on digital content in April 2023.

WP: What are its applications?
Design agencies and printing companies can exercise effective colour management practices by sharing a monitor profile. This ensures that computers and direct digital colour proofs (DDCP) match the final print.

WP: How does it contribute to the SME sector of the Indian packaging industry?
SMEs are looking for global standard products to process, print, and format their digital data. Using ColorEdge monitors for soft-proofing and throughout the design and print workflow, reduces the time and costs associated with reprints. The monitors also ensure digital corrections caused due to inaccuracies between the images displayed on the screen.

With the high volume of print and packaging carried out in India, Eizo can bring added value to print producers and designers by introducing precise, automated colour management and quality control into the printing workflow.

WP: How does it differ from similar products in the market?
From the IC chip to unique software, ColorEdge is designed and built in-house to ensure the highest precision. Each ColorEdge monitor is measured and adjusted at the factory in Japan and manually inspected by the human eye. Eizo’s quality control and high production standards ensure that every monitor is accurate when it leaves the factory.

WP: What is the USP of this product?
The CG series has a built-in calibration sensor to automate the workflow and covers 99% Adobe RGB, 98% DCI-P3, and nearly the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated (SWOP) CMYK colour space. The monitor offers a 10-bit simultaneous display from 16-bit or 24-bit Look-Up Tables (LUT).

WP: How convenient is it to use?
Eizo’s latest generation of ColorEdge monitors features USB Type-C connectivity that allows users to display video, transmit USB signals, and supply power to a connected device. All ColorEdge monitors come with an ergonomic stand that allows users to adjust the height, tilt, pivot, and swivel to the desired angle.

The CG Series comes bundled with a light shielding hood that effectively prevents glare on the screen caused by ambient lighting. It is lightweight and easily attaches to the monitor magnetically without needing to connect separate parts. The hood is optional for the CS Series.

WP: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free?
A monitor needs to be calibrated at regular intervals to maintain colour accuracy. Using an external sensor for regular maintenance inherently comes with the caveat of greater downtime, especially when multiple monitors need to be maintained. With the built-in calibration sensor, the monitor can do all of this automatically.

Furthermore, all calibration information is saved to the monitor instead of the operating system so users do not have to recalibrate even when using a different PC.  

WP: What kind of manufacturing compliance does your company follow in India?
Eizo complies with numerous international standards and has certifications that are recognised globally, including in India.

WP: What’s the price?
Eizo ColorEdge monitors range from Rs 30,000 to 4,00,000 depending on the model.

WP: Key customers?
Some of the key customers are; Times of India, Afflatus, TCPL, Amcor, Anand Bazar Patrika, Amar Ujala, Comart, Param Packaging, DNA, Huhtamaki, Jagran, Numex Blocks, Ogilvy, Pragati, JWT, and Tetra Pak.

WP: Contact person and details:
Rohan Chahande, managing director, Eizo
Mobile: +91 93241 09715
Phone: + 91 22 4964 1968

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