Eleven packaging mantras from Valluvar

The WhatPackaging? team studies Valluvar, the celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher best known for Tirukkuṛaḷ, a collection of couplets on ethics, political and economical matters. And selects a few gems for the 21st century packaging technologist

15 Nov 2022 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Valluvar 1.
A merchant's best merchandise

Is tending other's goods as his own

Valluvar 2.
Be a technologist among the technologist,

Be an expert among scholars

But pretend to be silent among the gossip mongers

Valluvar 3.
What won't they do to strangers

Who broadcast their customers fault

Valluvar 4.
Learn well what should be learnt, and then

Live your learning

Remember: The great hide others' faults

Only the small talk of nothing else

Valluvar 5.
A good mind is an asset to everyone

While good company contributes to glory

The great avoid the low in whom

The low find their kin

Valluvar 6.
Orators who wish to do good

Should study the occasion with care

Those are poor orators, unavailing

Who speak without knowing their audience

Valluvar 7.
Act after taking into account

The cost, the benefit, the net

It is not wisdom to lose the capital

For the sake of interest

Valluvar 8.
However well-versed in books

Be practical

Valluvar 9.
The wise know what comes next -

Fools cannot.

Valluvar 10.
His body needs no drugs who only eats

After digesting what he eats before

Valluvar 11.
Be born if you must for fame: or else

Better not be born at all

The great do the impossible

The mean cannot do it.

A world conqueror bides his time


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