Gupta: The last decade has witnessed shift towards men’s grooming kits

“The core purpose of Bravado is to bridge the existing gap by offering men a diverse and sophisticated range of personal care products that prioritise sustainable ingredients,” says Sumit Gupta, CEO of Bravado- a men's grooming startup

01 Feb 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty

Disha Chakraborty (DC): A little about you and the journey of Bravado?
Sumit Gupta (SG):
I come with a background in industrial architecture. Served as the joint managing director at Mahika Packaging. Embarked on the transformative journey of Bravado during my extensive global travels. This realisation sparked a personal quest for a product tailored to men's needs and preferences with an emphasis on sustainability. However, the market lacked such options, compelling me to address this void. 

DC: What are the kinds of resources you have invested in packaging?
A significant amount of detailing and thought has been invested in the product packaging of Bravado. We were well aware that the packaging needs to complement the efficacy of the product within. We leveraged the packaging expertise of Mahika Packaging and collaborated with external network partners. The entire process has been a learning curve for all our business associates. 

DC: How many SKUs do you have? And what kind of prospects do your products have due to the packaging?
India is a market for the future and a consumer's delight. While the market as a whole is buoyant, our target audience is the male grooming consumer landscape earning at least Rs 1,500 per day. This comprises at least 50-million consumers. Currently, we offer 24 SKUs. The beauty and personal care markets are aesthetics-driven, our primary focus lies in the efficacy of the formulations that are encapsulated within the packaging. 

DC: What are the key trends you have discerned? For example, smaller packs + sustainable alternatives? 
While stand-alone male grooming products have been available in the market for many years, the last decade has witnessed a significant shift towards adopting a grooming regime that involves a multitude of products, giving rise to grooming kits. With travel as a cornerstone, nomad and smaller packs have also gained considerable impetus, as individuals seek to maintain their grooming regime while on the go.

DC: Any design innovation in packaging? Any packaging innovation that created an edge for you?
I envision Bravado as a comprehensive offering that encompasses effective formulations, and protection of formulations in transit, distribution, and usage time. We focus on implementing effective barriers in packaging tailored to each formulation. Careful consideration is given to choosing the right packaging format to make the application intuitive. We utilise a nozzle tube for spot application.

DC: Has eCommerce changed the rules for the industry in 2023? Are we ready for 2024?
Ecommerce experienced a significant boost during the Covid times and has been steadily growing. Consumers are now more aware and educated, making informed online selections and validating formulations along with appreciating attractive packaging. Online retailers like Amazon prefer to partner with products that are Ecom certified for transit worthiness. In my personal view, products will, in the longer run, be certified for Omni-Channel, and the packaging fraternity is swiftly working towards this goal. With the consumer space constantly evolving, we are committed to enhancing our packaging to meet ever-changing needs. 

DC: What are your plans for sustainability in the next 5-10 years?
Regarding sustainability, we have implemented an operational excellence roadmap at both the manufacturing and production levels. We have utilised imported post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and are presently in the final stages of approving local PCR sources within the last quarter of this fiscal year. This strategic initiative is poised to elevate the sustainability profile of the Bravado line of solutions in the coming months.

DC: Do you believe the current policies of the government recognises the importance of PCR or sustainable packaging?
India is a vast country with multiple state mandates in place. There is clear recognition from the government regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and the use of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials is a component of the same. While we consider government regulations, the sustainability journey needs to be embraced at the individual level. The industry must develop business strategies with sustainability as a cornerstone. I am confident that we are on a great journey to contribute to the planet, and each element of the industry ecosystem has a crucial part to play.

DC: A message for industry
This is an opportune moment for India, a promising era for industry, and an exciting time for the startup landscape. Our startup is more than products; it's a commitment to authenticity, innovation, and individuality. Join us in reshaping the grooming landscape, where every detail matters.

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The packaging industry is confused by recycling and sustainability rules in India. What is the biggest challenge?

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