IIP student develops a paper-based packaging material for sanitary pads

Pooja Khadtare, an IIP student develops eco-friendly paper packaging for sanitary pads. She gives insights about the material selection, the process and inspiration behind the project with the WhatPackaging? team

12 Sep 2023 | By Pooja Khadtare

A UV-coated paper is used as a primary packaging material, and art paper as a secondary material

The USP of this paper packaging is that it can be flushed as it dissolves in water and has a unique pocket slot provided for paper soap. One can even dispose of the used pad in the paper pouch itself. As it is a paper pack, it will be disposed of and recycled whereas plastic packs can't be.

As we all know public toilets run low on hygiene products so as a matter of hygiene the Be Yourself pad package comes with two flavoured paper soap strips. The single pad product is affordable and an easy eco-friendly way to dispose of the paper packing as it is biodegradable.

The inner primary pack has dimensions of height = 175-mm; and width = 100-mm. The secondary pack consists of length = 110-mm; width = 40-mm; and height = 180-mm.

The solution for this would be packing the product in a UV-coated paper. Be yourself pack is a single pad product with UV-coated paper used as a primary pack of 100 GSM for travelling purposes. It can even be available in an “Art paper”, a secondary pack of 100 GSM of six pads with six flavoured paper soap strips.

All brands sell pads in plastic packaging. So while travelling as a matter of consciousness, women tend to put away the plastic pack of pad at a place where no one would see because in many public toilets and restaurants there are no litter boxes provided to dispose of the packaging. We cannot flush the same as it clogs the toilets.

Women from urban and rural areas face the problem of disposing of. The product is a step towards a better environment and providing ease to women.

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The packaging industry is confused by recycling and sustainability rules in India. What is the biggest challenge?

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