Pack View: Sprig Tea

Two packaging experts analyse the Sprig Tea in the market on the basis of aesthetic appeal, technical specifications, design and sustainability

23 Oct 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty


Sneh Sheth, The Design People

The structure of the pack is very unique. The opening mechanism is Interesting, it reveals the inner sachet in a very nice way. However, there is a little bit of struggle when it comes to closing the box. The 6 -colour offset job is very well printed on a good quality paper, justifying its nice vibrant look and feel. The embellishments of emboss and varnish in the pack makes the pack look worth the price and has a premium feel.

However, we can save 30% of the printing cost by making the inner part inkless.The design language and graphics on the packaging are vibrant and contemporary, effectively conveying an active and healthy perspective. These graphics align with the Green Tea category codes, establishing a connection with the intended product. The pack flavours are used intelligently on the pack making the pack aesthetically nice along with sharing the right kind of information (flavour) to the end user. The inside pluck card also gives a nice story across making the pack interactive with the end user.  


Karishma Sawant, General Mills
The Vibrant orange colour with Moroccan city artwork compliments the product's flavour and differentiates it from competitors.The packaging comprises two components 25 single-serve sachets and a die-cut outer box. The thin GSM box with unique opening features and history related to Moroccan tea makes it more interactive as well as attractive to customers. However, the opening is not very smooth and not tamper evident.

All the necessary regulatory information such as nutritional panel, storage condition, and allergy information is clearly visible on the packaging. Spring Tea has mentioned the method of preparation on the front panel which shows the ease of use.

The main artwork consists of a bright orange colour with a Moroccan café design making it more pleasant and inviting. Spring Tea packaging creates a strong connection with the consumer's tea experience however the complex design failed to make it more consumer-friendly.


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The packaging industry is confused by recycling and sustainability rules in India. What is the biggest challenge?

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