Pack View: Kinder Creamy

Two packaging experts view the pack of Kinder Creamy and share insights on its unique design and materials

12 Sep 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty


Bhavika Shah, 

Kinder Creamy is a delicious delight that makes for a dreamy combination of cocoa cream and chocolate for young kids. Kinder Joy breaks the myth that chocolates are only about being yummy. Unique by all standards in the world of chocolates, this one stands a class apart. Its creative egg-shaped casing reveals many surprises for the young ones.

An easy-to-peel flap reveals crunchy rice crisps inside, laden with a flavoured layer of quality milk-cream and cocoa cream. What’s more, you can relish it with a fancy reusable spoon that accompanies the packaging - interestingly integrated at the back. Flat at the bottom the packaging stays flat and has a very interesting differentiation from the earlier kinder joy eggs. Overall very interesting and well planned for a kids quick treat.



Yatin Patil, 
The Kinder Creamy packaging is a well-designed and technologically advanced solution for the storage and transport of this popular treat. The Kinder Creamy flat version is well-optimised for size and protection. The flat version comes in a compact, flat format while still retaining the iconic egg shape. The classic egg-shaped version of Kinder Joy is made from a combination of materials, including a laminated layer and a thermoformed tray, which provide protection against external elements such as moisture, light, and air. This heat-sealed version of the lid helps to keep the content fresh and makes it easy to store when not in use.

The packaging design includes an easy-to-use peel-off mechanism, allowing for quick and convenient access to the treat. The graphics and branding on the packaging are well-printed, making it an attractive option for consumers. Additionally, the packaging is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option. The flat version includes a debossed area for a serving spoon, made from paper, which is conveniently placed at the bottom of the pack and covered with paper and a poly layer with added perforation for easy tearing. The label provides important information about the product. Overall, the Kinder Creamy packaging is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their treat on the go.


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