ProductWatch: AGS’ DCZ70 sample maker

A sampling machine which is used for sampling of packaging boxes and also helps in cutting blankets. Vishnuu Kamat, senior vice-president, AGS shares the machine’s insights with the WhatPackaging? team

21 Jun 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The sample maker is designed for businesses that require samples for marketing activities

WhatPackaging? (WP): Name and model of the machine?
Vishnuu Kamat (VK):
DCZ70 sample maker.

WP: What does it do?
It is a tool which helps do mockups for sampling of packaging boxes and other designs. These can be printed as well as non-printed samples. The machine helps in cutting blankets for spot UV jobs, V-grooving for kappa as well as corrugated boards, foam cutting and sun board.

WP: Explain what it is suitable for?
It is suitable for making short run production jobs for cutting of cartons, reducing time for cutting blankets, and helping cut it accurately avoiding errors.

WP: When was it launched?
AGS launched this product in 2014 in India.

WP: What are its applications?
The product is designed for small to large packaging houses who have the need to make samples for marketing activities. These are most suitable for spot UV jobs and have a cut blanket. It is also beneficial for companies with in-house corrugation lines, and need to make samples such as kappa board users.

It can also serve advertising house and large format printing house who extensively use sun board for printing

WP: How does it contribute to the SME sector of the Indian packaging industry?
Our entry-level model DCE (DCH), with its aggressive pricing strategy, helps SME to buy and use this product which, earlier, were beyond reach due to the prices.,

WP: How does it differ from similar products in the market?
We differentiate our products mainly with respect to our service and support strategy which is our core competence. It is very important for a customer that he gets the right kind of timely support for the machines at reasonable pricing. The product quality is par excellence with Japanese and German parts being used to manufacture a Chinese machine.

WP: What is the USP of this product?
The product quality, service support of AGS and the acceptable pricing of the product makes it suitable for the market and can be termed as the USP.

WP: How convenient is it to use?
The control software provided with the machine is user friendly and with the training imparted by our engineers, the user becomes well accustomed with the same in no time.

WP: Assembly line speed? 
The machine has a speed of 1,000-mm/sec to 1,400-mm/sec depending on the machine.

WP: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free?
The machine is more or less maintenance free. We always request customers to provide a good clean power supply and do the daily cleaning of the machine due to which breakdowns are reduced.

WP: Any feedback from your customers?
Most of our customers are happy with the machine and its quality, and can surely vouch for the quality and support provided by AGS.

WP: What’s the price?
The price range of our machines goes from Rs 5.5-lakhs to Rs 35-lakhs depending on the model and size.

WP: Key customers?
Award Packaging, Printmann, Meera Offset, Yamir Packaging, Rich Offset, Ramya Reprographic, R-pac, Vijayshri Packaging, Premier Packaging, Dhingra Graphics, and Kamsri Budhraja Packaging.

WP: Contact person and details:
Vishnuu R Kamat |

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