ProductWatch: JSMI's ReGen-PP

JSMI's ReGen-PP is a sustainable PCR offering for FMCG and F&B sectors. Anindya Ghosh of Jindal SMI talks to Team WhatPackaging? about the new entrant in the SMI portfolio

27 Feb 2024 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Team Jindal SMI first mentioned about ReGen-PP alongside other sustainable offerings at the LMAI conference in Jaipur

Team WhatPackaging? (TW): Name of the product:?
Anindya Ghosh (AG):

TW: What does the ReGen-PP do?
Sustainable solution matching brand requirement – PCR product.

TW: What's the USP?
The material is sustainable in nature, and is similar to normal PP.  Although the testing is underway, it is expected that the brand owners and converters will benefit from these multi-functional labelling solutions.

Brand owners are expected to be at the forefront of this transformation to more sustainable and circular packaging solutions and are expected to articulate these changes to the consumers.

TW: Its target market?
Sustainable solution for FMCG, food and beverage applications.

TW: When was it launched?
Launched at the Labelexpo 2023, held in Brussels, Europe.

TW: How is the product relevant for Indian packaging in the SME sector?
JSMI ReGen-PP is a sustainable solution, given its ability to get recycled and enter the waste mainstream without any adverse impact.

TW: Comment on certification.
ISO 9001-certified company, Jindal SMI has established quality standards on quality management systems and product safety systems for food contact packaging applications. It is also certified for BRC packaging for our BOPP and associated metallising operations.

TW: Contact person and details.
Anindya Ghosh | +91 78758 54914 |

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