ProductWatch: Packline's LPM-400 Super/Super Advance

Aviral Mehrotra, marketing head, Packline highlights how the LPM automatic punching machine can perform embossing and full-cut operation for any size or shape of labels, lids or blanks. It benefits the operators absolute registration accuracy and superior cutting finish while achieving maximum material utilisation.

20 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

The LPM is a simple plug-and-play automatic punching machine

Back in 2001, Packline launched the LPM, a game-changer for anyone needing precise, efficient label and tag-cutting. This module can cut anything from yoghurt lids to beer labels, saving material and money in the process.

Think "plug-and-play" simplicity with an optional online embossing upgrade for jobs. Mehrotra says, "LPM helps converters maximise production while minimising waste. The scrap generated is approximately 15% less than traditional methods."

For over two decades, Packline has been innovating packaging tech, and today, serves the leading dairy and beer companies that use these machines for their premium, custom jobs. LPM gets the most out of the material, boosting profits and cutting waste downtime.

"Several dairy packaging material suppliers in India have Packline punching machines equipped, including leading players in the beer labels, tags and induction wads market for their premium and customised jobs," says Mehrotra.

But what makes LPM truly special? Mehrotra highlights the built-in embossing option and the neat feature of ejecting perfectly counted batches. This saves operators time and reduces scrap, while ensuring print-cut precision and a top-notch finish.

The old days for cutting labels comprise tedious, space-eating, and labour-intensive steps. The LPM eliminates them all, allowing direct print from reel, emboss, cut, count, and stack – all in one go. It offers a quick turnaround with job changes in under 30 minutes.

About learning the ropes, Packline trains operators and provides on-call and on-site support whenever you need it. Generally, a person can single-handedly operate this machine.

Contact: Aviral Mehrotra | +917838085989 |

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