ProductWatch: Popli’s Sitexco Label L10 anilox cleaner

Revolutionising packaging applications, Popli presents the Sitexco Label L10, a laser cleaning machine tailored for the label printing industry. This entry model prioritises essential features without compromising on safety, reliability, or quality

30 Apr 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

The entry-level model Sitexco Label L10 caters to diverse label printing needs

In August 2022, Popli introduced the SitexcoLabel L10, the entry model, to the Indian market.

With laser technology at its core, the Sitexco Label L10 ensures optimal performance, meeting all Sitexco requirements seamlessly. The L10 can wash up to 500-mm anilox rollers.

Designed for efficiency, the Sitexco Label L10 boasts the capability to cleanse anilox rollers up to 500mm, powered by a single-phase 1.5 KW system. Sanjeev Popli, director of Popli Graphics, emphasises the critical role of anilox rollers in flexography, highlighting their significance alongside ink and plates in determining print quality.

Addressing common industry challenges, Popli Graphics eliminates concerns regarding anilox roller handling and maintenance. By streamlining the cleaning process with laser technology, mishandling risks are eradicated, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

The utilisation of an alkaline cleaning solution enhances sustainability, eliminating the need for chemical additives. This eco-friendly approach simplifies usage and minimises space requirements, mitigating chemical discharge concerns prevalent in traditional cleaning methods.

While the Sitexco Label L10 caters to label printing needs, the Sitexco Plus series targets wider applications, including varnishes and coatings. With models ranging from SitexcoPlus SNP 1.0 to SitexcoPlus SLP 3.2, accommodating anilox rollers of varying sizes, Popli Graphics offers comprehensive solutions for diverse industry segments.

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