ProductWatch: Suba's Blankwiser

Suba Solutions saw a good footfall at Pamex 2024, where it showcased the offline stripping and blanking machine - Blankwiser. Sudharshan Balaji of Suba sheds light on the made-in-India machine characteristics suitable for wide applications such as MetPET cartons, regular cartons, tags, and jobs with windows

14 Mar 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

A carton blanking solution, the Blankwiser facilitates easy job changeover plus quick RoI

With over 100 installations, the made-in-India and CE-certified Blankwiser continues to be a star product for Suba Solutions. The response from more and more customers at Pamex 2024 confirmed that they were happy with the blanking concept.

The stripping and blanking nova will take the centre stage for Suba Solutions at Drupa in hall 13 at stall A60.

Launched in 2019, the Blankwiser is an offline stripping and blanking machine. Its precise blanking operation makes it suitable for MetPET cartons, regular cartons, tags, and jobs with windows and ice-cream lids. The machine serves a diverse market comprising FMCG, F&B, pharma, stationery, textiles and more.

Sudharshan Balaji, marketing manager, Suba Solutions says, “The highlight of the machine is the ability to deliver process hygiene, making it suitable for food and pharma industries. Plus, it enhances the die-cutter’s productivity by making the stripping offline, while reducing wastage. It can facilitate easy changeover by allowing 500 job programs to be stored.”

Balaji explains the process, how the machine delivers precision stripping and blanking. It begins with feeding a pile of sheets from the feed tray to the movable bed. Followed by the automatic positioning of the pile, with the help of servo control. Lastly, blanking is achieved with the help of hydraulics and the smaller stripping waste generated is collected in the nets (bag attached to the machine for neat and clean extraction).

The Blanwiser comes with two optional tools. First, the pneumatic pick up system operates pneumatically and helps in ease the collection of cartons, thereby reducing operator movement and increasing productivity. Also, the machine is equipped with  safety features for operators to prevent any accident during manual operation.

“For jobs that require small and intricate blanking, the optional window hole remover steps in. This helps to remove a hole as small as 15mm X 15mm, if present on the carton,” says Balaji.

What sets it apart, Balaji says, “The machine has a 10 HP motor and a 59 LPM hydraulic pump with circuit protection to always ensure peak performance. While it is crucial to keep a tab on temperature, the 150 litre hydraulic oil tank is cooled by a high-capacity chiller to ensure that the oil temperature does not exceed 50 degrees centigrade during operation.”

On the tech support front, Balaji says, “Suba provides online support for breakdown and periodic maintenance, job setting and machine operation. Also, engineers are available across India to improve response time and for global installations too.”

Some of Suba’s clients in India include Art O Print, HBD Packaging, Harshal Packaging, Pragati Pack, Parksons Packaging, Temple Packaging, SAPCO, Yarbal Print and Pack. Also, globally it has presence at Feras Printing Press (Jordan), Emirates Paper Press (Dubai), and CMS Printing Press (Muscat).

Technical specifications

Maximum sheet size: 1,060mm X 1,060mm
Minimum sheet size: 300mm X 300mm
Maximum blank size: 350mm X 468mm
Minimum blank size: 30mm X 30mm
Pile height: 50mm to 85mm
Strokes/minute: 15 to 20, depends on sheet thickness, number of ups or carton size
Machine size: 3,400mm X 2,200mm X 2,000mm
Weight: 2,000kg

For further details, contact: Sudharshan Balaji | +91 9003052156 |


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