ProductWatch: Valco Melton’s PackChek

At the PackMach Asia Expo held in October 2023, the USA-headquartered Valco Melton’s Ravi Kiran spoke about ClearVision’s automated packaging inspection system, PackChek. Find out how it ensures hot melt glue has been precisely applied

11 Apr 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

PackChek installed on a cartoning machine with a hot melt glueing system

A leading manufacturer of hot melt and cold glue adhesive dispensing equipment and quality inspection systems, Valco Melton, offers a diverse portfolio including electronic controls, high-performance pumps and fluid-handling equipment, for inline inspection.

Ravi Kiran, business director at Valco Melton says, “PackChek is an end-of-line solution, and can be integrated in the packaging line without space constraints. The automated packaging inspection system captures a thermal and visible image of every package.”

Hot melt sensors have been around for decades, but tight space constraints on packaging machinery have made retrofitting them into existing machines extremely difficult. Here, ClearVision's PackChek steps in as an end-of-line solution that allows easy integration in the packaging line.

Kiran sheds light on the defects found by the PackChek hot melt inspection system including missing glue beads, weak glue beads, crushed and torn or open flap, and misaligned glue beads.

The inspection system takes a thermal and visual image of every package to ensure that hot melt glue is applied in the correct location. Using the thermal image, it finds the heat signature of each glue bead, verifies its position, and displays a user-friendly image.

For more details, contact: Ravi Kiran | +91 96866 12444 |

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