ProductWatch: Zhongke India’s automatic die-cutting WH-1050SS

During the IndiaCorr show in Mumbai from 8 to 10 October, Zhongke India displayed Tokyo Wenhong’s die-cutter. Pooja Rajpal of Zhongke shared insights about the machine with the WhatPackaging? team during a live demonstration.

29 Nov 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

The automatic die-cutting kit WH-1050SS which is aimed at the packaging industry with focus on high-end, coloured folded cartons, liquor boxes and corrugated boxes was sold to Concord in Vadodara

Various good die-cutting machines are available and each one offers a unique set of features and strengths. But the sophisticated machines with minimum make-ready time and high precision with least wastage, will be the machines of the future. Pooja Rajpal of Zhongke India said, “Tokyo Wenhong is a trendsetter in this regard for its uniqueness and stability.”

During a 15-minute demo, Rajpal pointed out quite a few advantages in the kit. These included: High cutting pressure of 400T, high speed - design speed of 8000 sheets/min, long service life, advanced technology and ability to run zero gripper jobs to minimise paper wastage. It has various configurations available up to 1650-mm size and flexibility to run on substrates like paper (90 to 2000 gsm), cardboard (0.1 to 2-mm) and corrugated boards up to 5-mm.

Tokyo Wenhong’s focus is on packaging solutions, along with cooperation with the world’s tech-companies, the company has tweaked its machines to cater to the ever-demanding print and packaging industry. This model was launched in 2021.

The die-cutter is aimed at the packaging industry with focus on high-end, coloured folded cartons, liquor boxes and corrugated boxes. Today, packaging is becoming an integral component of product quality, customer satisfaction, marketing and brand recognition. Hence, there is increased demand for automation to achieve quality, quantity and consistency. Post-Covid, the focus has shifted to sustainability. 

The machine is user-friendly due to all the digitised controls. It prompts with an error alarm and troubleshooting support on display. The pressure can be adjusted according to the job profile and it has auto-lubrication for a long service life. The feeding process is continuous with the pre-pile option.

The design speed is 8000 sheets per hour and the kit is able to achieve production
speeds up to 7500 sheets per minute with Indian substrates. Rajpal says, “The machine is preferred due to its very high accuracy. This machine comes with the option of inline stripping and also with hot foil stamping with five pulls.”

The WH-1050SS comes equipped with a Japanese custom-made state-of-the-art feeder to ensure stability and smooth sheet feeding and achieve high precision. It comes with both, top feeder and lead edge feeder to efficiently run even five-ply corrugation jobs.

The WH-1050SS is ideal for production of medium to large run jobs. The machine can provide both qualitative and quantitative benefits. The machine’s forte is its robust model, easy operation, quick turnaround time and accuracy.

The WH-1050SS is configured to run paperboard as well as five-ply corrugated sheets with ease. With auto adjustment feature, the machine auto corrects the pressure requirement per job depending upon the paper type. And no special tool is required. 

When queried about the machine sale to Concord Printing, which is the second installation of the Wenhong die-cutter with a stripping unit in itsVadodara factory, Pooja Rajpal said, “Today, we see traction in the Gujarat packaging market which is  booming. We sensed this growth and hence, Zhongke India had set up a service centre in Vadodara in 2020, to cater to our client base in this part of India.”. 

Rajpal said, “There has been encouraging feedback from our customers. Customers were highly impressed with the machine’s features and production quality.”

All the machines are quality checked from the Wenhong factory. All necessary compliances are adopted and thorough testing is done at the factory, prior to dispatch. Meanwhile, Zhongke India provides installation, commissioning and after-sales services and support. 24 hours on line support is also available to minimise breakdown time if any.

The price of the machine depends on the configuration and model of the die-cutter. It starts from USD 60,000 to USD 2,40,000.

With the increase in the quality of packaging, the demand for a high speed and high precision die- cutter has been very encouraging for us. Zhongke has installed three die-cutters in the month of October at Printmann, Mumbai - die-cutter with hot foil stamping feature and Kesho Packaging, Greater Noida installed the 1650mm die-cutter to process up to nine mm thick corrugated sheets.

Some of Zhongke’s key customers are: Canpac, Nemlakshmi, VS Packaging, Dot Graphics, Aarohi Print and Pack and Amba.

Contact person and details:
Name: Rohit Rajpal
Mobile: 9899093333


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