Ziaho's packaging illuminates the rich tapestry of Indian chocolate

“With Ziaho, as a brand and through its packaging, we portrayed the modern Indian - one who is well-travelled, well-read, and has interacted with diverse cultures and brands. This modern Indian takes pride in our country's heritage, versatility, and diversity, while challenging the stereotypical views the world may have of our nation” says Krupa Sheth Kapadia, co-founder at Stratedgy

04 Jan 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty

Ziaho's tells the story of a nation that thrives amidst differences. Through carefully curated colours, balanced layouts, negative space, and staggered ornamentation, we invite individuals to savour the sensory delight of our chocolate and experience the essence of the modern Indian spirit.

The packaging pays tribute to the remarkable diversity of Indian scripts and languages, combined with the indigenous ingredients found across the country, which beautifully complements the world of chocolate. Leveraging this diversity, with beautiful regional typography, Strategy created a brand, with a strong sense of belonging.

It displays each chocolate variant in the script of the origin state, thereby celebrating the mosaic of diverse scripts of India, intertwining it with the vibrant flavours that thrive within its borders.

Krupa Sheth Kapadia, the creative director at Stratedgy shared with WhatPackaging? team, “Our focus was to maintain the legibility of the script while ensuring the overall integrity of our brand’s visual system. This challenging yet gratifying process allowed us to create a typographical hero that truly represents the modern Indian spirit.” 

Packaging Development 
The primary packaging is foil wrap around the chocolate bar. It is then packed in a paper sleeve with gold foil and embossing.

Packaging Design
Each pack has a balanced layout with ample negative space and staggered ornamentation. This detailed arrangement creates a visually captivating design that embodies the essence of the modern Indian. Every element is crafted to evoke a sense of pride and curiosity, inviting our audience to delve deeper into the world that has been created.

Market Response
The brand almost sold out the first pilot batch. People were intrigued by the packaging and ended up trying it out, despite it being a new brand. It also received a lot of repeat orders for gifting, since the packaging lends itself well to thoughtful gift giving. 

In a world where global brands proudly showcase their heritage, Ziaho stands as an example of Indian homegrown excellence. The brand design allows us to celebrate the richness of our cultural legacy, offering a unique experience that combines tradition with contemporary sophistication.

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