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Nationless, timeless and unconstrained Museum of Plastics. Takes you through a journey of 100 years of plastics on the earth.

13 Jun 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

How the online tour works at the Museum of Plastic 2121

Can you believe the plastics that you have been recklessly disposing of have earned a seat at one of the museums? That is true. People have taken initiatives to preserve and present plastics. 

Curatours, a sociable place that allows you to take virtual tours of museums and galleries,  associated with British Council’s Creative Commissions programme to build a virtual museum called Museum of Plastic 2121. 

Visitors are able to visit six rooms in the museum, covering the past, the present and the future of plastics, which feature immersive 360 videos, interactive 3D objects and captivating art installations that you can walk through and see up close.

Visitors can also take a virtual guided tour with  Alice Bell, co-director at the climate change charity Possible and author of Our Biggest Experiment: A History of the Climate Crisis, who provided environmental consultancy on the project.

“It has been really exciting working with cooperative innovations on this project,”  said Alice Bell, co-director at Possible. “I love the inspiring, optimistic story they tell about a possible future, without flinching from the problems of today, one that weaves together technological innovation with political movement building, and social and cultural change. I also think they’ve been really clever about how they use the story of plastics. It’s not just a plastic straw here or a crisp packet there, but how the whole system of plastics sits at the core of modern consumption and the fossil fuel age.”

Museum of Plastic - At a glance

Museum of Plastic is a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology as part of The Climate Connection global initiative.

It is produced by Curatours, a digital platform for arts, heritage and culture, which took inspiration from the Solarpunk movement, which uses art to envisage a future where humans have solved contemporary challenges.

Curatours say the Museum of Plastic 2121, which is free and accessed by downloading an app on a Windows PC or an Oculus Quest VR headset, is a positive look at our future.

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