DK Singhal says paper is more eco-friendly

An advocate of paper manufacturing practices, DK Singhal, director of Chandpur Enterprises, talks about the importance of the paper industry. Singhal is associated with the Indian pulp and paper associations including IPPTA, CPPRI and paper mill Century Pulp & Paper.

28 Nov 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

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The paper industry is a key component in Indian manufacturing and one of the oldest industries. In his recent presentation "Living in a World Full of Plastics…." on his website, DK Singhal said, "The estimated turnover of the industry is Rs 70,000-crore and it provides direct employment to five-lakh persons, and indirectly to approximately 1.5-million."

DK Singhal highlights how the paper industry is useful in catering to sustainable packaging needs. To begin with, he presents a scenario of "living in a world full of plastics…"

Singhal says, "Plastic if kept under control, cannot create a problem. The problem is littering and ineffective waste management. Individually, one must dispose of plastic waste in the right manner, and put this habit into practice at home, the workplace. public places."

Alternatively one can find paper products that replace plastic, especially in terms of the sustainability quotient. Singhal says, "Paper stands out on the environmental front with the highest recycling rate and compostability."

The Trend Tracker Survey 2023, a research from Two Sides (Europe) explored consumers’ preference of packaging materials. It deduced that 62% of consumers see paper and cardboard packaging as better for the environment.

Poised to reach 30 MT by March 2027 (IPMA study), the Indian paper industry has adequate capability, strength, know-how, technology, infrastructure, network and determination to achieve this.

Singhal mentions paper cup stock, nan-bag, and Tetrapak. These products use poly-containing materials, however, the rest layers plus contaminants can be recycled separately, while the paper mills can ensure the recovery of paper fibres.

"To be commercially viable for recycling, there must be 75%-80% paper by weight," explains Singhal.

With the tagline #UsePaperwithoutGuilt, Singhal's motto is, to return what Mother Earth offers - paper. He concludes his presentation by saying, that paper as a material can be recycled and does not pose any threat to the environment than plastic.

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