EPL to up process sustainability with DuPont

Global specialty packaging specialist, EPL, is investing in a DuPont Cyrel Fast thermal system.

21 Feb 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l-r) Rajesh Bhogavalli and Ramasamy (EPL), Gururaj Kirsur (DuPont) and Shrihari Rao (EPL)

The multinational company will upgrade its current water-wash system as part of its ongoing sustainability commitment while offering speed and quality to its flexo print process. 

Cyrel Fast is a thermal platemaking system with a thermal processor and a large variety of photopolymer printing plates for flexible packaging, labels and other applications. DuPont Cyrel Fast eliminates the use of solvents or water from the platemaking process, requiring no drying time, and plates can be ready for print quickly.

EPL will implement the Cyrel Fast thermal workflow, including installing Fast 2000TD processor across its global manufacturing sites in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. 

Ram Ramasamy, COO at EPL, said, “After a thorough evaluation of the systems available today, we choose the latest thermal platemaking system from DuPont as our technology partner, which will benefit both EPL and its customers. The Global presence of DuPont in terms of support and their continued efforts to reduce the carbon footprint with their technology made it easy for EPL to take this decision. It is a step forward to fulfilling our high quality and sustainability commitments to our customers and investors.”


DuPont and EPL teams: (l-r) Muhammad Rafeeq (Dupont), Rajendra Sarode, Nitin Yadav and Ashish Sharma (EPL), Shaju John (Dupont): evaluating DuPont Cyrel Fast technology

After implementing the DuPont Cyrel Fast workflow, EPL hopes to reduce 50% time in its plate production, up to 50% reduction on peak power consumption and overall 75%, besides waste-treatment and disposal costs.

Jan Scharfenberg, business leader east at DuPont Cyrel Solutions, said, “We are pleased that EPL has chosen the DuPont Cyrel Fast workflow for upgrading their flexo platemaking process after an intense selection procedure. We look forward to being a trusted partner to EPL on their sustainability goals, enabling them to serve their customers globally with the highest agility and quality level.” 

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