Excellence in packaging contributes to growth of nation

Chakravarthi AVPS, global ambassador, World Packaging Organisation boosted the morale of the winners at the 6th edition of SIES SOP Star Awards 2022 which was held on 25 February 2023. Edited excerpts from his speech.

27 Feb 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Chakravarthi - Superior quality of life can be achieved through better packaging

The significance of packaging has been multi-fold since the pandemic outbreak. A packaging professional can feel proud about the field considering its vast and varied applications across all sectors especially food and pharmaceuticals.

The power of packaging leveraged as an essential and influential tool in bringing out the first line of defence medicines. It has served the needy in spite of challenging supply chain conditions.

Packaging technologists and converters have been creating innovative ideas and paved the way for manufacturing and supplies of critical packaging material too, not only in pharmaceutical and healthcare, but in food and food processing sectors as well. 

The growth of packaging is considered to be an indicator of growth of a nation due to its significant contribution to almost all the sectors. And packaging has left an indelible mark in the Indian economic growth story in its journey to become the third largest economy in the world.

The World Packaging Organisation whose global ambassador I am, is committed to educating people about the values of packaging. Hence, they have nominated the winning entries to enter the Worldstar 2024 awards. This is good news. After all, there is no culture on earth that can do without packaging.

It’s heartening to note that the SIES School of Packaging is contributing significantly for the cause of packaging. The huge response to SOP Star Packaging Excellence Awards and the presence of many winners is a huge accomplishment. 

The presence of Padmavibhushan, Kasturirangan and his encouraging words for the packaging sector boost the morale of all stakeholders. I congratulate SIES management headed by founder, Shankar and director, Prasad Balan Iyer for these achievements.

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Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?

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