IPPTA zonal seminar in Muzaffarnagar

The Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) will organise a two-day zonal seminar on 30 and 31 October 2023 in Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh). The session will discuss efficient collection and processing of recovered paper for achieving improved yield and quality.

21 Oct 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Panel at Mysuru zonal seminar discussed replacing single-use plastic by paper with emphasis on food packaging

The IPPTA seminar will witness several technical sessions with emphasis on strategising higher yield and quality production for greening the paper industry.

An IPPTA spokesperson said, "The focus of the industry is to reduce various sources of polluting factors and save mother nature for the next generation." The industry should practise green manufacturing; must investigate the value of specific technology, adopt new technologies, and improve existing operations.”

Recycled paper is an important component of the paper industry. Paper needs to be disposed of and recycled effectively. There is a need to optimise the pulping process to maintain the integrity of paper fibres and minimise its degradation.

A survey by Two Sides (Europe) deduced that 62% of consumers see paper and cardboard packaging as better for the environment over the other packaging materials such as plastic, glass and metal.

IPPTA aims to address the challenges faced by the paper industry and pave the way for sustainable breakthroughs. The discussions will revolve around the paper's second life, on how to enhance its yield and quality responsibly. It will cover the approach to correct plastic waste disposal, and shed light on innovations in paper coating.

Headquartered at Saharanpur (UP), IPPTA held its 58th AGM at Hyderabad on 17-18 March, which focussed on adopting green manufacturing practices. In the following month, a zonal seminar-one was hosted on 3-4 August 2023 at the CFTRI Mysuru auditorium. Over 300 delegates from paper mills, coaters, converters and users gathered to address ‘replacing single-use plastic by paper with emphasis on food packaging’.

The Muzaffarnagar show will conclude with a panel discussion which is themed: Vision 2030. The panel will lay stress on how the Indian recycled paper mills should be consistent with green practices, given the current scenario of paper waste recycling in India. In a way, the conclave aims to bolster the annual turnover of the paper industry, which is expected to scale upto Rs 80,000-crore with the total paper production estimated at over 205 million tonnes per annum.

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