Nucao and Koehler collaborate for primary paper packaging

Nucao, a German-based chocolate manufacturer, has partnered with Koehler with an aim to replace plastic as a packaging material. Nucao boasts to be the first chocolate manufacturer in the market to embrace paper primary packaging made from paper.

10 Feb 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Nucao’s paper-based wrapper for its chocolate products - Nucao fruits and Nucao nuts

The Koehler NexPlus Advanced packaging used for Nucao’s Fruits & Nuts is 100% made from paper and can be placed in the paper recycling after use. 

The flexible packaging paper provided by Koehler boasts an excellent oxygen, mineral oil, and grease barrier, necessary for applications where there is direct contact with chocolate and nuts.

This switch enables Nucao to meet a key consumer demand for greater sustainability and to lead the way in the chocolate market with how it chooses to package its products.

Mathias Schwarz, sustainable packaging engineer, Nucao said, “We opted for Koehler NextPlus Advanced 75 gsm after extensive tests. In addition to product protection, which was assessed using storage tests with a subsequent sensory analysis, the fact that the paper could be recycled in the paper recycling was an important factor.”

In early 2021, Koehler Paper launched new secondary packaging in the market with Koehler NexPlus Seal, which has since been used by numerous brand owners. 

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