PackMach’s conference illuminates sustainability and flexible packaging

The PackMach Asia Expo 2023 hosts a two-day conference at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on 4 and 5 October. Industry stalwarts on day one, shared insights on the packaging of food products, pharma and cosmetics, and recent trends and developments in flexible packaging.

04 Oct 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The panel highlights the importance of flexible packaging industry and how it has grown to be more sustainable

During the conference on packaging at the PackMach Asia Expo 2023, Sagar Singh, joint-director chemicals department, BIS said, “BIS has launched a digital initiative for all relevant stakeholders. Any stakeholder can submit a proposal for a new work item, accompanied by a valid justification, concerning standardisation”

The event was then followed by a discussion on packaging of food products. The discussants were Ainain Shahidi, director, 4 Sixes Packaging and Marketing; Gajanan Patil, general manager - operations, Parag Milk Foods; and Pradeep Chauhan, SCM packaging, Delmonte Foods.

Pradeep Chauhan of Delmonte Foods highlighted, “In terms of food preservation, agriculture receives significant recognition, while packaging receives insufficient credit. Packaging has increased the shelf life of perishable food.” Chauhan added that packaging is more than just a wrapping or box, it's a strategy that marketers leverage to its fullest potential.

Gajanan Patil of Parag Milk Food said that enhancing the barriers in packaging will increase shelf life. He emphasises on the point that "packaging should talk to consumers about the product". According to him, virtual reality is the new trend.

The conference also made important points such as; over the past 75 years, there has been a significant increase in the use of plastic in packaging. In 1950, two million metric tonnes of plastics were being used. 2017 data shows that 6.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic is being used. Around 2050, it is expected to be 34 billion MT.

The event was followed by another discussion on recent trends and developments in flexible packaging, by Himanshi Khaneja, head packaging development, R&D, Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables; Ayaz Kagzi, technology leader - packaging development, Pidilite Industries, and Manish Sharma.

Ayaz Kagzi said, “The global flexible packaging industry has been growing at a CAGR of about 3.5 to 4.5 %. Most of it is coming from growth in the food and beverage industry around, which amounts to 55%, and from pharma which amounts to 25 to 30%.”

He pointed out that flexible packaging has led to reduction in food waste globally. “The transition which took place from heterogeneous to homogeneous to mono-material is the reason that the industry is now growing much more as what it was thought about two years back,” Kagzi added.

Himanshi Khaneja said that Mother Dairy, with the development in barrier technologies have led to extended shelf life of milk. With the shelf life of four to five days, now, it has been improved to 90 days.

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