Pawandeep Sahni’s three secrets for label converters to succeed

Label and packaging converters are set to attend the LMAI Conference in Jaipur in 2023, where they will delve into the realms of science, sustainability, connected products, and imagination. Pawandeep Sahni, managing director for India and Subcontinent at Omet India, has disclosed that he will reveal three secrets to aid label companies in achieving success in their businesses.

17 Jul 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Pawandeep Sahni of Omet India at the LMAI Conference 2019 in Kochi

“The first one concerns sustainability and the paradigm shift it presents for label companies to leapfrog. The second one will reveal the truth about digital, which highlights how printers need to re-imagine their digital printing strategy. And the third is about creativity and imagination required to revamp business models and how printers must start coming out of their comfort zone,” said Sahni.

How, PrintWeek/WhatPackaging?, asked Sahni? “We are probably the only printing machine supplier which today offers 6 printing press platforms, 12 variants and 100 customisation modules available for each platform. Maybe that's why four out of five leading packaging printers of the world trust Omet for their most critical printing projects.”

In his presentation, Sahni plans to discuss the #AgileTogether partnership between Omet and package printers. He will explore how collaboration between labels and packaging can contribute to advancing sustainability. Sahni believes that the future of packaging lies in a new concept called "Packerting", where packaging and marketing work together to create an exciting and innovative product. "This idea was initially presented by Omet at an event organised by CII and was well received by printers and brand owners in attendance. Sahni hopes to promote this concept at LMAI further."

Sahni will conclude his talk by proposing a fresh idea for label companies to transform themselves into becoming the BaaP of Pack. "This concept is inspired by the strategic playbooks of big players like Reliance, Tatas, Apple, Google, Tesla, and even startups like MamaEarth," said Sahni. The question is, what exactly is BaaP, and how can one attain it?

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