Shyam Bhutata shares insights about automation of packaging machines

During the PackMach Asia Expo held in Mumbai, Shyam Bhutata, the managing director of Krsna Packaging spoke at the IFCA seminar about the expectations from a packaging machinery manufacturer. Abhay Avadhani of WhatPackaging? reports

22 Dec 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

Shyam Bhutata - Innovation never stops

At the outset, Shyam Bhutata gave a brief about Krsna Packaging and the machines it has. These include; PP sheet extrusion machine, punching machines, cutting and slotting machines, gumming machines and many more. The Pune-based Krsna Packaging is one of the leading packaging solutions providers and offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions in India. 

Bhutata said, “Our infrastructure consists of one fabrication unit along with one PP fluted  sheet manufacturing unit to develop and supply customised  packaging solutions to our customers. These units are equipped with hi-tech fabrication equipment, tools, testing and measurement facilities, IT infrastructure, design software and skilled workforce.”

He gave an example of manual riveting and machine riveting. “The machine riveting has various advantages over manual systems since it is fast, accurate, stronger and requires much less effort.” 

Bhutata listed out some of the innovative products or machines such as pallets; including PP pallets, PP palletised boxes and motor packing boxes. He pointed out how Krsna Packaging offers specialised crates as compared to the traditional crates which are presently available in the market. 

Adding to the products he said that the EPE foam packaging can be used for delicate products such as pharma, car mirrors, glass door knobs, windshield glass and instruments. 

Later, Bhutata talked about how composite materials can have welding issues. These materials include; non-woven cloth, EPE foam, cross-link foam, plastic dust cover and partitions. 

Bhutata pointed out that with the help of automation Krsna Packaging’s efficiency and productivity has increased; it raised from 500 boxes per day with a workforce of 38; to 1500 boxes per day with a team of 18. 

He concluded his presentation by adding how “Krsna offers cutting materials such as foam and PP sheets at a low cost, plus Krsna provides high quality solutions.

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