Top job: How Pragati created high value cards for ITC

During BMPA's PS 24 on 18 January, the WhatPackaging? team came across an interesting set of card samples by ITC in the goodie bag. What intrigued us was the finishing of the job, and the colours. And so, we asked Harsha Paruchuri of Pragati Offset (the Hyderabad-based print specialist had produced the gift pack for ITC) to share how the desired results were achieved and what made this job so stunning.

01 Feb 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

The colours used to produce this job are CMYK + green + orange + violet

Harsha Paruchuri told us the process of how the first set of images was produced in metallic colours. He said, “The first pass was hot foil stamping, the second pass was four-colour printing, the third pass consisted of matte varnish, and then the fourth pass was embossing.”

When we asked him what about the second set of images, which was produced in high gamut, he said, “These followed the first pass with a seven-colour extended gamut printing with gloss UV, the second pass of matte varnish, and the third pass consisted of a screen print with raised UV.”

As readers of WhatPackaging? magazine know, the colours needed for an extended gamut are CMYK + green + orange + violet.

Here, Narendra of Pragati Offset said, “But since we had already created a seven-colour profile, it is very easy to produce. We open the RGB file, convert it using the profile, and we get seven separations.”

The inks deployed by the Pragati team are standard Toyo inks CMYK and Pantone orange, green and blue. The software used for seven colour separations is Esko Equinox.

“Which is why, the gamut is brilliant; it made me feel very good when these sheets came off the press,” P Narendra shared with him when we asked him about the job.

So much so, that he took the sheets home “to show off”.

He shared with us “how it is these things which make life a lot more pleasurable.”

We agree.

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