UFlex bags 18 awards at IFCA Awards in Mumbai

UFlex won 18 awards at the IFCA Awards organised by the Indian Flexible Packaging and Folding Carton Manufacturers (IFCA) Association. The awards were for innovation, creativity and best branding.

24 Sep 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

UFlex team members collecting their IFCA awards from Suresh Kalra, managing director India and president Asia region of Hubergroup

The jury members of the IFCA evaluated the products of UFlex for innovation and creativity plus best branding. 

Uflex won an award for high-barrier transparent recyclable laminate which was created for packaging of the milk powder. The spokesperson from UFlex said, “Products like milk powder need high oxygen and moisture barrier that enhances its shelf-life. UFlex has developed a transparent packaging structure made with layers of Polyester and PE that gives high barrier properties and can be upcycled.” 

Uflex won an award for developing a custom profile pouch with v-notch and d-shape handle for MTR Idli Batter. “This stand-up pouch comes with a d-cut handle for easy dispensing and can be easily recycled. This packaging structure can be easily identified on the shelf and provides convenience for storage,” said the spokesperson. 

The third award for UFlex was for designing a 100% recyclable transparent barrier laminate in PP mono-polymer. It is used for the packaging of snacks such as chips and wafers. The spokesperson said, “UFlex developed a 100% PP based mono-polymer packaging structure that offers enhanced barrier properties. The design is focused on sustainability which can be fully recycled.” 

The fourth award for UFlex was for developing a high barrier PE-based flexible packaging structure which was designed for Vicks Action 500. As per UFlex, “The structure has reduced the usage of Aluminium foil from the laminate without compromising on the appearance and aesthetics. The laminate is sustainable, easily tearable and can be sealed at less temperature which helps to save thermal energy.”

Their PE based mono-material laminate packaging structure won the award for innovation and R&D which is designed for P&G Gillette Guard. The flexible packaging business of UFlex said, “The laminate is made from a mono family of polyester and complies with the mandates stated by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It offers good seal strength, elongation stiffness to the packed product and it is 100% recyclable.”

Next, UFlex won the award for a holographic lens effect with a floating image. The lens was made to prevent counterfeiting which has been the cause of concern for the brands. The holography team of UFlex explained the “importance of precision alignment and placement of the brand name” on the hologram and developed a holographic lens effect with a floating image. The team said, “With floating lens effect, the logo of the brand on hologram appears to be inside the lens making it very tough for duplicators to achieve without a genuine set-up and real solution.”

UFlex bagged an award for its holographic impact. The highlight was the lidding foil for pharma packaging. The team said, “The robust lidding foil is integrated with a holographic layer and printed with special inks (which are visible only under UV light) to provide anti-counterfeit features on the pharma packs.”

The next award was for innovation and R&D for supreme security master fresnel & sterling stamping foil for anti-counterfeiting applications and premium aesthetics. The holography business team said, “It is a high resolution stamping solution with logo lens effect that offers precise alignment and placement of brand name on the stamping foil to the customer for products such as perfumes.”

The ninth award for UFlex was for an artificial leather effect on PVC/PU/paper which is developed through laser embossed printing cylinders for the decorative textile industry. The spokesperson from UFlex said that by using laser embossed printing cylinders, they have created a design for fashion, personal care and interior decoration.

The next award for UFlex was for designing a 3D flower design on artificial leather such as PVC, PU or paper. The team said, “The 3D flower-like effect is achieved on PVC, PU, paper and synthetic leather. The effect is achieved through laser engraving on steel-based cylinders.”

The 11th award for Uflex was for developing and achieving a 3D decorative design on textile, PU/PVC and leather materials. The UFlex team said that this was achieved through laser embossed cylinders and was developed for the fashion and textile decorative industry. 

The packaging film business of UFlex won two awards, one being for F-ISB PET film which is used for cold blister packaging applications. The team explained that UFlex has developed a Alu-Alu packaging structure where polyester film has replaced the conventional Nylon and PVC while retaining aluminium. 

The second award for packaging film business was for B-TGM Oxygen barrier transparent BOPP film. “The B-TGM BOPP is made to address the barrier requirements for oxygen, moisture and atmosphere-sensitive products. It is a multi-layered mono-material BOPP film designed for food packaging application,” said the spokesperson. 

UFlex won its 14th award for Combi Laminator for packaging lamination applications. The engineering business of UFlex said, “We have designed a Combi-laminator which gives both possibilities; solvent-free and solvent-based lamination process. This laminator charms the overall aesthetics of the product pack and places it differently on the retail shelves.”

The aseptic liquid packaging business won the award for developing a structure with holographic effect for Nutricharge Refresher for best branding. The team said, “We aim to develop a packaging structure that could make a difference on the retail shelf and trigger an instant buying decision in the minds of the consumer.

The 16th award won by UFlex was for Flexcoat Aquaban which is a water repellent coating for Kraft paper used as an inner-liner in the corrugation board. The chemical business team of UFlex said that there is a need for strong and sturdy corrugated boxes which can hold the contents safe inside while allowing the innovative design on the surface. “It is a water repellent coating for Kraft paper with different appearance which offers fast-drying capability,” the spokesperson added. 

They also won two awards for best branding for layer met PE-based recyclable laminate. The laminate is designed for P&G Head & Shoulders shampoo sachet. The Uflex flexible packaging unit shared with the WhatPackaging? team, “The structure is made with two layers of BOPP which replaced MET BOPP and MET PET base structures and made it easy for recycling. The pack’s structure offers excellent metal adhesion and bond strength increasing the barrier properties.”

The second award for best branding and the 18th award of UFlex was for flexitubes with high-end graphics and matte finish developed for Denver. The tube business team of  UFlex shared, “We developed aesthetic-rich tubes with the fusion of high-end graphics and metallic finish with reverse rotogravure printing process.”

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