Kane: We provide packaging machines with versatility

During the Plastindia 2023, held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 1 to 5 February, Mamata Machinery showcased its various packaging solutions and machineries for plastics packaging. Apurva Kane, senior vice president, Mamata Machinery, in conversation with the WhatPackaging? Team about the company’s response in the exhibition

10 Feb 2023 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Apurva Kane, senior vice president at Mamata Machinery's stall during Plastindia 2023

WhatPackaging? Team: How has the response been in Plastindia 2023?
Apurva Kane (AK):
Plastindia and Mamata Machinery have a relationship that dates back to 1990. We have been participating in the exhibition since 1990. We are glad that Plastindia has returned to Pragati Maidan after a long gap and the facility will be much better by the next Plastindia. Due to Covid-19, the exhibitions and shows were on halt and Plastindia was the first big event for this industry. The industry has responded well, as you can see the foot-fall. 

WP: What did Mamata showcase at the exhibition?
There are two things that Mamata is trying to address in this show. Under the solid waste management rule, which will be implemented from April 2023, single-use plastic bags ban is to be lifted across India. But, on a condition that the bags must be of minimum 120 microns thickness.

We have a vertical column filling and sealing machine that is running on bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cast polypropylene (CPP) and we are also running a pouch maker which is running standard pouches on polypropylene structure. So, all the structures are recyclable. So we are able to offer a seamless solution to our customers and that is something that we are trying to demonstrate.

WP: How would you describe your products’ conformance to the regulations and policies?
We are able to connect end-to-end and we have done that based on our research and development, we have embedded this ability to run recyclable films across our entire range. One of the recent examples is Hershey's Kisses chocolates. And those pouches were basically metallised polyester (MET-PET), which is non-recyclable. With Constantia, we have worked together and have switched to recyclable film, which is basically a polyethylene (PE) family film. It's machine direction orientation (MDO) plus PE lamination, which is PE-PE lamination. 

We are working on similar solutions with companies like Chitale Bandhu, we are working for similar solutions with companies like Kellogg's and we have access to end users, which are brand owners. We are trying to educate brand owners, as well as the converting industry within the plastic industry that we can offer a seamless solution. And that is the purpose of us being at Plastindia this year.

WP: What is the market scenario currently?
It's more or less a social problem that people litter all over the country and blame the plastics responsible for global pollution. The politicians are not willing to address the situation. How can you stop littering of plastics and collect plastic, segregate and recycle it? People don't want to work on it. Sustainability begins with less use primarily, and then recycling. 

WP: What is Mamata Machinery’s response to the plastics-packaging industry?
Mamata exports to over 90 countries around the world; 70% of what we do is exported, only 30% is sold in India. We are trying our level best to talk about recyclability globally. We are awaiting a response from India and also a model response from the USA. They've already started shifting to mono-material.

Mamata Machinery for the plastic industry
Mamata machinery, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of plastic bag and pouch-making machines globally. It claims of being the first Indian company to introduce plastic bag making machines with stepper motor, drive and micro-processor controller and without conventional clutch-brake or rack-pinion assembly. The company has come a long way; installed a base of over 5000 machines in more than 90 countries. 
Mamata offers packaging lines for the end user's flexible packaging market in the form of automatic form fill and seal pouching machines. They have designed and developed a unique HFFS pouching machine - VegaPack M-Series and VegaPack PFS series. These machines are built at Mamata’s India facility as well as a facility in Florida. Mamata offers vertical multi-lane sachet packaging machines for smaller volume packaging needs.

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