Pack View: Calcutta Meetha Paan

Two packaging experts analyse five products in the market. The matrix they deploy is: aesthetic appeal, technical specifications, design aspects and above all, sustainability

24 Jan 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty


Krupa Sheth, Stratedgy

This packaging seems apt for the category and the audience it is catering to. However, in terms of the print, the text is tough to read as the metallic sheen of the paper reflects light in a manner that interferes with the type. While the illustration is interesting, it has a lot of different elements coming together. The illustration of the paan is getting missed with all of the supporting elements. There could have been more contrast for the paan to shine.
The repetition of the brand and product name with the illustration seems unwarranted and adds to the clutter. In my opinion, for the benefit of uninitiated buyer, one must mention what exactly the product is. Currently, it says, Calcutta mitha paan, however, is it paan? Is it mukhwas? Is it a paan-flavoured dessert? There seems to be a lot of ambiguity there.


Nikhil Phadke, Elephant Design

I would rate this 7/10. The triangular cardboard box makes the pack look interesting and easy to transport. Shape of the paan and the box resemble, thereby, building on the brand image. Shimmer metallic substrate and combination of gold and teal metallics gives the pack a premium look. It adds to the brand building.

However, image production of paan and smaller formats could be better. No emboss effects has been rendered. This could have highlighted the triangular box and small petal-shaped paans inside.


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