Pack View: Laughing Cow cheese

Two packaging experts view the pack of Monsoon Harvest and share insights on its unique design and materials

26 Sep 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty


Bhavika Shah, Beyondesign

Pasteurised and with a 3–6-month shelf life, the Laughing Cow cheese is rich in essential vitamins A, B and D as well as proteins. Soft and of a creamy texture, this gourmet cheese comes in the form of triangular wedges, single slices and even a single block.

Easy to spread across a biscuit, toast or any bread, this cheese is free of preservatives and artificial flavouring. A fine medley of skimmed and pasteurised milk, this light-weight cheese also includes quality whey, minerals, calcium, and phosphates, all of which make for the most nutritious ‘cheesy’ snack.

Unlike its contemporaries, this comes with an unpretentious but cheerful packaging. Its quality and rich ingredients have made it a favourite amongst all! Now you know who’s having the last laugh.  


Yatin Patil, Bizongo
The Laughing Cow cheese packaging is a sustainable packaging masterpiece, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. The disk-shaped design is created using the high-quality paper board and the cold press process, with multi-colour printing on both sides. The side paper wall is sealed with printed paper tape providing protection against outside elements such as moisture and light, ensuring that the cheese stays fresh and also contains tear thread providing ease of opening the packaging.

The outside of the pack features the Laughing Cow logo, while critical information such as ingredients and nutrition facts are provided on the back, making it ideal for those who are mindful of their dietary needs. The packaging contains eight cheese triangles, wrapped in aluminum foil along with a laughing cow paper sticker on top and featuring a perforated tear strip for easy access.

The compact and portable design of the packaging makes it easy to take on the go, making The Laughing Cow cheese a well-designed and convenient option for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious snack.


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The packaging industry is confused by recycling and sustainability rules in India. What is the biggest challenge?

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