Pack View: Ribbons and balloons rock solid love

The exclusive valentines edition has a unique shape and fancy locking mechanism.

14 Jun 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Ribbons and balloons rock solid love


Yugandhara Dalvi

The heart-shaped die-cut of the carton complements the product name, rock solid love and sets the mood for the valentine's celebration.
The thin GSM of the carton makes it lightweight. Another good thing about the packaging is that it can be flattened, which makes it easier to transport to different franchisees.
The one major problem is that the box can't stand straight in the shape of a heart and thus needs to be kept sideways.
For the quantity of chocolates it holds, the overall structure seems too big, and flimsy and bends easily.
Overall the red colour is bright and pleasant. The gold gradient is nicely printed, almost like its foil printing.
Even the embossing effect has come out very well and precisely.
The elements like heart, confetti and bokeh effect set the perfect tone for gifting it to a loved one, but the same create too much clutter. It could have been toned down a notch.
The use of a hand-written font style gives it a personal touch.


Santosh Chaurasiya

The unique shape of the packaging makes it a star item for the consumer buying to gift it.
The connection to the emotion of love fits well, and the message is delivered impeccably.
The outline embossing adds another level of recall for the consumer.
However, the top half becomes flimsy and needs some work toward making the right choice of material.



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