Pack View: Tea Fit

Two packaging experts analyse the Tea Fit packaging based on aesthetic appeal, technical specifications, design and sustainability

09 Nov 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

The Tea Fit bottle’s structural design is interesting, and is 100% recyclable


Sneh Sheth, The Design People

The bottle has a sleek and modern shape design, also the structure makes it look very convenient to use and consume. Matte finish printing along with flawless shrinkage gives a nice tactile feel to the product.

The brand name is nice and simple, it conveys a healthy message about the brand, however, the brand name in lesser colour would allow for better brand extensions in the future.

Information flow on the pack could be designed in a better way stating the key features of the product without repeating them on the pack.

Overall pack graphics can be improved to relate to the right audience who prefers something healthy, on the go and has a dynamic lifestyle.

The Ayurvedic aspect of the product is currently hidden and relegated to the back of the packaging. Bringing it forward could strengthen the product's appeal to those seeking Ayurvedic qualities.


Karishma Sawant, General Mills

Tea fit barley tea pack represents the brand name” fit” by using slim and curvy bottles in their product packaging.
The packaging of this product consists of a transparent PET bottle with a cap. The entire bottle is covered with a shrink sleeve which protects the product from harsh sunlight and keeps the nutrient intact. The rigid bottle is sturdy enough to protect the tea from external factors like handling and transportation.

The packaging design is very raw and organic like hand-drawn-style illustration which makes it different from competitors. All the necessary regulatory information such as nutritional panel, storage condition, and non-GMO information is visible on the packaging.

Use of PET in the bottle and PP in the cap making it a 100% recyclable pack.

Overall, the packaging is eye-catching and attractive to both kids as well as adults.


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The packaging industry is confused by recycling and sustainability rules in India. What is the biggest challenge?

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