ProductWatch: Artwork Flow’s ComplyAI software

Labels do more than convey information; creating compliant packaging is a complex and meticulous task. The risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements adds to the challenge. Arjita Kulshreshtha, director of business development and growth at Artwork Flow, explains how ComplyAI, an innovative software solution, streamlines compliance processes and ensures your packaging meets all necessary standards

10 Jun 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

ComplyAI: to address complex regulatory guidelines

Kulshreshtha says, “ComplyAI is an AI native label compliance software developed by Artwork Flow. It helps brands comply with various regulations and go to market faster by automating the packaging review process with AI.”

By using AI algorithms, the software checks packaging labels against regulatory requirements, ensuring that labels are compliant with the latest standards. This helps to keep up with the rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape, to avoid costly compliance breaches and the risk of human error.

For companies operating on a global scale, keeping track of different regulatory requirements in various regions can be challenging. Kulshreshtha explains, “ComplyAI's flexibility and ease of use allows packaging teams across regulatory affairs, new product development, and marketing to set up customizable rules the labels need to comply with depending on their industry, countries of operation, and use cases.”

The software features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and perform compliance checks. The interface is designed to streamline workflows, making the compliance process faster and more efficient.

ComplyAI can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and workflows. This integration capability ensures that businesses can incorporate the software into their current processes without significant disruptions.

“ComplyAI seamlessly integrates with any artwork management workflow companies use to take their label compliance to the next level,” says Kulshreshtha.

By automating compliance checks, ComplyAI significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the compliance process. This automation reduces the risk of errors and frees up valuable time for employees to focus on other critical tasks.

Non-compliance can lead to significant financial penalties and recalls, which can be devastating for businesses. This software helps mitigate these risks by ensuring that all labels are compliant with regulatory requirements.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, ComplyAI ensures that businesses can stay compliant with ever-changing regulations, thereby leading to cost savings and a faster time-to-market. For any company looking to enhance its compliance processes, ComplyAI is the tool that can drive significant improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory confidence.

Contact: Arjita Kulshreshtha | +91 96198 35620 |

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