ProductWatch: CGSASP’s Moviroll - Roll pusher

CGSASP showcased its Moviroll roll pusher during the IndiaCorr show in October at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. Its director, Kunal Gandhi talks about the product with Abhay Avadhani from WhatPackaging? team

08 Nov 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

Moviroll roll pusher that can push load up to 20 tonnes

WhatPackaging? (WP): Name of the product: 
The name of the product is Moviroll roll pusher, a material handling equipment designed by Renova srl

WP: What does it do? 
 It increases productivity and safety in the plant, as it allows the operator to move cylindrical loads of any size and material effortlessly.

WP: Explain what it's suitable for? 
: It is suitable to move paper and tissue rolls, wire and cable reels and drums and to move them without requiring licence. It can operate even where forklifts are not allowed.

WP: When was it launched in India? 
 In India it was launched in 2021, but has been a proven Renova technology around the world since 2015.

WP: What market is it aimed at?
 We have different models, each aimed at a different market, but the first model was specifically studied for the paper and corrugated industry.

WP: In what way is the product relevant for the Indian corrugator? 
 It helps to avoid the use of a forklift in key areas and the manual handling of loads, which further avoids any chance of injury and reduces risks for the operator. 

WP: What's the USP? 
 The USP is the increase in productivity and safety in the plant, as Moviroll can move up to 20 tonnes. Moviroll is also able to separate two rolls when in contact. 

WP: How many roller pushers are required for one factory / warehouse? 
 It depends on the size of the plant, but we suggest at least one or two should be there in one factory or warehouse.

WP: How much does it score on reducing the workload on human resources? 
A single operator can move rolls with just one hand thanks to Moviroll, with a speed up to 13 m/min

WP: Ability to carry weight in MT? 
Moviroll can push paper rolls up to 20 tonnes and can also provide a lift force of up to 5 tonnes.

WP: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free for operators? 
 In addition to the advantages listed above, Renova’s roll pusher comes with two plug and play lithium batteries that can be substituted in less than 10 seconds and with a full charge in four hours, so that there is no absence of Moviroll in plant. Furthermore, Moviroll is maintenance free.

WP: Any feedback from your customers like packaging major Oji? 
 They are really happy about the roll pusher and they will be implementing it in all their units.

WP: What kind of feedback during IndiaCorr? 
 Clients were really interested and currently, we have a lot of trials in process that we have organised during IndiaCorr.

WP: What’s the price?
 It varies according to the model required. It is approximately between 5.5 and 6.5 lakhs.

WP: Key customers? 
Some key customers are Vijay Anand, Alpine Containers and Oji Packaging. 

WP: Technical Specifications:
Each model has different technical specifications. Contact us and we will provide you with the technical specifications based on the model that best suits your needs

WP: Contact person and details: 
 Kunal Gandhi - +919899719222; eMail:

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