ProductWatch: Domino K600i

Ajay Rao Rane of Domino highlights a high speed flexible modular print bar. The solution is designed to integrate with existing traditional presses and convert to a digital, variable data printing press

16 Aug 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The Domino K600i utilises Piezo inkjet technology to offer enhanced reliability

Abhay Avadhani (AA): Name and model of the machine?
Ajay Rao Rane (AR):
Domino K600i.

AA: What does it do?
High speed monochrome print bar capable of high-resolution 600 dpi variable data printing, and graphics printing at speeds of up to 200 m/min. Available with high impact UV-curable inks as well as cost effective aqueous pigmented inks.

AA: Explain what it is suitable for?
The K600i, is a flexible modular print bar that can be configured to the print width required, of 108 to 782 mm. It can be integrated into an existing web or sheet handling system for digital imprinting or can be in the format of a monochrome digital press.

AA: When was it launched?
The K600i was launched in 2012.

AA: What are its applications?
The K600i is a high-resolution print bar suitable for many VDP applications and sectors, including. Personalisation of high-quality pre-printed labels including variable 2D codes such as QR codes.

For overprinting fully personalised variable and secure data, ideally suited for security fiscal stamps, event tickets, game, phone cards and pharmaceutical folded carton packaging.

For tickets and forms, printing 2D codes, barcodes, and serialised numbering sequences.

AA: How does it contribute to the SME sector of the Indian packaging industry?
The K600i’s compact design facilitates mounting on an existing flexo press, finishing line, or sheet-fed mail base. The solution is designed to integrate with existing traditional presses and convert you to a digital, VDP press.

AA: How does it differ from similar products in the market?
The K600i has been designed for ease of use and integration, giving unparalleled productivity, High print quality and simple and reliable digital solution.

Operating speeds of up to 200 m/min 600 dpi with multiple drops sizes and grayscale options; compact and modular design with print widths of 108 mm to 782 mm.

AA: What is the USP of this product?
The K600i has been designed utilising Domino’s intelligent Technology – Domino i-Tech components combine to create a system with superior performance, altogether more flexible and reliable.

Reduced setup time using the Domino i-Tech StitchLink. This unique automated micro-motor controller technology enables precise head alignment with no stitchline.

Reduced downtime using the Domino i-Tech ActiFlow. This continuous ink circulation system degasses the ink preventing air bubbles and blocked nozzles, resulting in less rejects and less maintenance.

Low maintenance using the Domino i-Tech CleanCap. This automated printhead cleaning and capping station reduces the risk of print nozzle blockages and extends the life of your printhead.

AA: How convenient is it to use?
The Domino K600i is a simple, productive, and cost- effective printer for digital variable data printing onto a wide range of substrates.

AA: Assembly line speed?
The Domino K600i can operate at line speeds of up to 200 m/min at 600 dpi, utilising the dual bar functionality.

AA: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free?
Compared with other digital printing technologies, the Domino K600i utilises Piezo inkjet technology, which is a non-contact form of printing with few moving parts. There are fewer requirements for manual intervention. The result is enhanced reliability.

AA: Any feedback from your customers?
‘Our partnership with Domino dates back more than 15 years, which is a testament to our satisfaction. We also purchased a second 108 mm K600i UV printer for customising cinema cards, and the investment doesn’t stop there, as we have opened a workshop dedicated to RFID.’ – François Gauthier, director, Paragon Identification.

AA: Key customers?
Domino operates in multiple sectors and markets including commercial label printers, corrugated converters, security printers, packaging converters, postal, plastic card printers, as well as traditional markets such as beverage, life sciences, tobacco, and personal care.

AA: Contact person and details?
Ajay Rao Rane, vice-president, digital printing solutions at Domino India
Email ID:

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