ProductWatch: Nix Spectrophotometer Pro 2

Nix Spectro 2 runs the gamut, allows a quick scan of samples for errors and enables excellent library management capabilities of a wide colour gamut. Hemanshu Desai of ThinkPrint tells Aditya Ghosalkar how the device is ideal for press operators, brand owners and graphic designers

09 Nov 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Nix Spectro 2 is a small, portable and affordable device with easy functionality

Colour accuracy and management play a crucial in the print and packaging industry is everything. Take control of the quality control process by integrating a portable and accurate colour measurement solution developed at Nix.

A small, portable and easy-to-use, Nix Spectrophotometer Pro 2, densitometer combined with Nix’s software options benefits press operators, brand owners, specifiers, and graphic designers. The device measures colours and gives values of a colour in L*a*b / RGB / CMYK formats.

The small, portable Nix Spectro 2 offers 10x the resolution of a typical colourimeter

The Nix Spectro 2 allows one recorded scan per second and 31 channels across the UV and visible spectrum. This means it provides over 10x the resolution of a typical colourimeter. This reduces the gaps between channels and allows for more accurate measurements across the entire colour gamut.

Hemanshu Desai of ThinkPrint says, “The USP of Nix Spectro 2 is its portability, lightweight and functionality in any environment.” It is an ideal tool for anyone interested in colour quality management.

To measure the colour values, the operator needs to simply place the device on the colour to be measured. With just a click of a button, the reading is recorded and will be reflected on the screen of the user’s mobile app, which will be synced with the device. 

The device utilises a scratch-resistant lens, a dust and water-resistant shell, and a durable aluminium enclosure. It's sturdy-build allows greater accessibility and durability to withstand the drops, rough handling and the presence of moisture in the pressroom.

Nix employs the Nix Toolkit app, which is available for Android and iPhone. Followed by pairing with Bluetooth 4.0 version, the spectrophotometer can be easily used. 

The price of the model depends on the user, and it varies from Rs 15,000 to Rs 90,000 exclusive GST.

Many packaging and printing companies along with advertising and designers essentially form the clientele for Nix Spectro 2, owing to its advantage across the print process thereby saving time and money.

Tech specs:

  • True 31-channel spectral data across the visible spectrum (400- to 700-nm) 
  • 8 x LEDs (broad spectrum white, violet and ultraviolet) 
  • M0, M1 and M2 measurement modes for use with optical brighteners 
  • Densitometer, quality control, and library management capabilities 
  • Capable of scanning down to 3-mm samples 
  • Haptic vibration and RGB indication 
  • Compatible with Nix Toolkit app and existing colour software
  • Compatible with a library of adapters for scanning liquids, powders, soft surfaces, and more
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