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Vishnuu R Kamat, senior vice-president of Mumbai-based supplier Advanced Graphic Systems (AGS) talks about how it has experienced an upturn in demand from pharma converters with German-based inspection software Tech4Check, which marks presence over a decade in the Indian market now

01 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

WhatPackaging? (WP): What does Tec4Check software do?
Vishnuu R Kamat (VRK):
MediaCheck systems provide its client-server architecture with a largely automatic, pixel-based comparison in the RGB colour space between a PDF-to-PDF file in the pre-press and the print (leaflet, folding carton, label or any printed sheet) to a PDF file on the shop floor.

WP: Perks on the shop floor?
The system automatically identifies differences between reference and sample wherein each deviation found is displayed on the screen and can be edited by the operator. All the interactions on the part of the operator associated with a job can be found in the automatically generated test report.

Documented interactions and information include status and comments of a deviation, test and reference parameters, operator name and time stamp of individual actions.

Due to its high degree of automation (fully automatic up location and identification independent of the rotational position at multiples of 90-degrees), capitalising on modern processor technology and highly efficient test algorithms it calculates an optimal test result within a very short time.

The resolution used by the workflow system is selectable between 300-, 400- and 600-dpi and can be optimally adapted to the test conditions and stored in separate parameter sets.

WP: Intergable options?
The system can be extended with further modules for example braille decoding and measurement, print-to-print, and 2D codes.

WP: When was it launched/announced?
The print inspection software was launched in 2008, 15 years ago. And, its updates are introduced yearly.

WP: What is the target market?
F&B, FMCG, pharma and packaging printers.

WP: What’s the USP?
A 21CFR-compliant software, MediaCheck software workflow version provides a unique client-server architecture making it easy to validate and administrate at a lesser investment.

Tec4Check print inspection system has churned an upturn in demand from pharma converters

WP: How is the Tec4Check relevant for Indian converters in the SME sector?
Tec4Check is one of the leading developing companies for print inspection systems. With over ten years of experience in the Indian market, the software ensures that there is no error in any process either in pre-press or the press, thus ensuring peace of mind for the user and avoiding rejections thus leading to more business.

WP: What’s the price of the software?
The same is subjective to the version of the software intended to be purchased and the various modules required by the client and can be discussed one-on-one.

WP: Can you name your key customers?
Most of the top printers and pharma companies are our users and the list can be shared with the clients as and when required.

WP: Contact?
Vishnuu R Kamat | +91-9324024090 |

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