ProductWatch: W&H’s Varex II at Sanraj Polyprinters

Debarun Talukdar of Windmoeller and Hoelscher (W&H) explains Team WhatPackaging? about the W&H blown film line, how it was a sound investment for Sanraj Polyprinters and its ability to meet converters’ flexible packaging needs

19 Mar 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Varex II offers high film quality and output rates and increased profitability

The Varex II is tailor-made for producing excellent quality lamination grade PE Films, meeting the stringent standards of the packaging industry. Whether it's for food packaging, industrial applications, or consumer goods, this machine ensures top-tier results.

Equipped with W&H’s EASY2Change automation module, the Varex II takes customisation to the next level. This automation streamlines product changeovers, eliminating human errors, and ensuring reproducible high film quality with absolute certainty.

This machine serves as the backbone of companies involved in flexible packaging. With its unmatched productivity, flexibility, and sustainability, the Varex II offers high film quality and output rates, bolstering the competitiveness and profitability of businesses.

Training is integral to maximising the potential of any equipment. W&H provides comprehensive on-site training for operators.

What sets the Varex II apart from its counterparts is its focus on higher outputs, faster job changeovers, and consistent film quality. Plus with its lowest power consumption per kilogram and compatibility with new age materials, it marks a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

It's USP lies in its ability to deliver high outputs, impeccable thickness profile tolerances, minimal power consumption, and lightning-fast job changeovers. It minimises operator dependency, ensuring smooth operations even for critical tasks.

For the Indian packaging industry, particularly SMEs, the Varex II opens doors to the high-end flexible packaging market. It empowers them to collaborate with major brand owners, expanding their reach and opportunities.

Despite its advanced technology, the Varex II is surprisingly user-friendly. Requiring less manpower than conventional blown film lines, it boasts the highest levels of automation, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.

W&H offers a complete support ecosystem. With a local service base in India and a team of over 50 highly qualified engineers, along with 24/7 hotline service and express parts delivery, maintenance and support are never far away. Local service/project managers provide single-point contact for any issue during the machine lifecycle, ensuring seamless operation.

For enquiries, reach out to: Debarun Talukdar |

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