ProductWatch: Zund's S3 L-1200

Prasanna Venkatesh, managing director, Zund India talks about achieving high-performance digital cutting with Zund's S3 L-1200 with Swiss precision. The sleek flatbed machine is built for speed, versatility, can tackle intricate profiles and even delves into the Z axis for 3D-like cutting possibilities

22 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Zund's S3 L-1200 serves as a complete solution for digital cutting of substrates whether in sheet/board/roll forms

WhatPackaging? (WP?): Name of the machine?
Prasanna Venkatesh (PV): 
Zund S3 L-1200.

WP: What does it do?
It functions as a flatbed digital cutting machine to cut on X and Y axis, profile cutting and also on Z axis to an extent. It has a servo motor for driving the beam on the XY axis with the help of reinforced or timing belts.

WP: When was it launched in India?
This series was launched in 2012.

WP: Its applications?
These cutters are so modularly built that they can cater to any segment which requires XY axis or profile cutting of substrates. It can be used to cut a huge variety of substrates ranging from paper, paperboards, plastics, rubber, textiles, leather, MDF, acrylic, ACP and more. The substrates for which a Zund cutter is not prepared so far are varieties of metal, stone and glass.

WP: What’s the USP of Zund’s die-less cutter?
 Its versatility and modularity allows the possibility of upgrading the machine at site with features for enhanced productivity. Also, it serves as a complete solution for digital cutting of substrates (in sheet/board/roll forms), including softwares for production-based analysis.

WP: How is the machine useful for Indian converters in the MSME/SME sector?
High reliability, low operational and maintenance cost. Locally available Swiss certified and trained technicians in addition to spares and consumables. More than just a cutting solution, Zund cutters are looked upon as a business vertical itself.

WP: Please can you comment on its ease to use and implementation?
 Has a very intuitive software which is operator friendly. A computer literate person is all that is needed. Throws up error messages in the event of an issue which helps in tracing the root cause to resolve it right away.  What more with the help of 'Zund Connect and Analyzer software' the productivity-related data can be accessed easily for efficient production.

WP: Possible to share the number of installations done so far?
 Installation base of over 200 machines in this region.

WP: What kind of manufacturing compliance does Zund follow in India?
 Zund machines are manufactured in Switzerland. Over 70% of its components are sourced within a 30-km radius of its factory, ensuring Swiss quality and precision in each and every component inside the machine. Having said this, the machines are CE/UL certified. The factory itself is a delight to be in as in the year 2005 it was awarded the greenest building in Switzerland by Minergy P.

WP: What’s the tech support Zund provides?
 Swiss trained and certified technicians along with application specialist and a well-stocked consumable and spares in Bengaluru. We also have a Zund experience centre with a couple of machines for our customers and prospects to experience Zund's digital cutting solutions firsthand.

For further details, contact: Prasanna Venkatesh | +91

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