Stelda’s random case sealer - AR500 GT

Tarun Patel of Stelda Impel Services, spoke to the WhatPackaging? team about the Stelda AR500 GT which is a case sealer and can be used for random sized boxes.

24 Jan 2023 | By WhatPackaging? Team

(l-r) Ajay Joshi, vice-president, supply chain, Penguin Random House India and Anuj Pathak, operations manager, Penguin Random House India

WhatPackaging? (WP): Full name of AR 500:
Stelda Impel Services (SI):
AR500 is also called All Random Case Sealer. Irrespective of randomness of the incoming boxes which are packed in different lines, the case sealer reads the product information and sets automatically. Case sealing is done using hot melt adhesives.

WP: What does the AR 500 do?
Stelda AR500 GT is a state of the art, fully automated case sealing machine based on a patented technology that can accept any random sized box. The machine is set for the box either by reading QR code or by physically measuring the dimensions. This information is passed on to the glueing system so that the glue guns fire the right quantity of hot glue.

The machine has a flexible glue pattern dispensing program which can be used to optimise the glue consumption based on the security requirements. And that is reimagining the process of case sealing: where extreme flexibility in size, type of boxes and method of sealing can be customised for a given box.

WP: Explain what it's suitable for?
It is suitable for different SKUs produced in the same factory, and where boxes of multiple sizes get packed. The end of line packaging can be optimised by joining all these lines to be case sealed in one line - Stelda AR500 is suitable for sealing the shippers of any random sizes with hotmelt adhesive.

WP: When was it launched?
Stelda AR500 was launched in 2017, during the Interpack exhibition in Dusseldorf.

WP: What market is it aimed at?
Stelda AR500 is suitable for end of line operations and segments like FMCG, automobile ancillary, electricals and electronic products, dairy industries, lubricant industries, confectionery, edible oil, glass industries, tobacco, beverages and frozen food industries.

WP: In what way is the product relevant for a SME firm?
SMEs can optimise their case packaging operations by remaining flexible and productive at the same time, by installing the AR500. It can be used for many types of products, across industries. The solution is of huge benefits for those who face transit damages and pilferages in their supply chain and also for those looking for removing single-use plastic from their shippers and reducing the processes in case sealing.

WP: How does it differ from similar products in the market?
Stelda AR500 hot glue case sealer is the first of its kind in the market, with option of either measuring each case and setting, or reading a QR code for the same. The technology is rare, because the Indian consumer industry demands a much larger variety of consumer packs in order to address a diverse population.

WP: What's the USP?
It is a patented technology of hybrid sealing options. The machine sets itself by reading the QR codes that are printed on the shippers. The machine also contains optional Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) and twin stations - glueing and pressing which is servo-driven for precise operations. The machine is flexible for clients’ demand for multiple sealing options like gulding and taping.

WP: How easy is it to use?
Once the machine is set up and programmed on the basis of the table of QR code against dimensions, it's then an automatic cycle. QR codes that are pre-printed on the shippers make operations easy.

WP: Assembly line speed?
Machine is flexible to use in both the modes - Preset mode with 25 shippers per min and all random mode with 15 shippers per min.

WP: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free?
Stelda AR500 is an easy to use and user-friendly machine.

WP: When was the kit installed at Penguin Random House + VKC?
The kit was installed at Penguin Random House on  31 December, 2022, and at VKC Nuts on 11 September, 2022.

WP: Any feedback from Penguin Random House + VKC?
For Penguin Random House, it is helping the organisation to achieve goals towards sustainability and savings through corrugated reduction. For VKC Nuts, the machine is keeping the products safe from pilferages and reduces the transit damages.

WP: How does the AR 500 benefit a book publisher?
Stelda AR500 helps book publishers to reduce packaging materials like PP sheets, tapes and straps, increase productivity and bring savings. 

WP: What’s the price?
The price varies from Rs 40 to 60 lakhs based on sizes, features and capabilities.

WP: Key customers?
Some of the key customers include; Haldirams Group, Mahak Group, Nestle, Havells, VKC, Penguin Random House and Piramal Glasses.

WP: Technical Specifications:
Working speed : 15 boxes per min

Conveyor height : 720 mm to 1050 mm

Electric power supply : 415 V, 50Hz, three-phase

Power consumption : 10 KW

Air requirement  : 6 bar, 15 CFM

Shipper size : 500 mm (L) X 500 mm (W) X 500 mm (H) - Maximum

                      180 mm (L) X 180 mm (W) X 160 mm (H) - Minimum

Machine dimensions : 4280 mm (L) X 1790 mm (W) X 2054 mm (H)

WP: Contact person and details:
Tarun Patel

Business development manager

Phone : +91 9045130810

EMail id:

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