41-billion bottles recycled in India in last decade

Ganesha Ecosphere, a Kanpur-based plastic recycling company has recycled more than 41-billion plastic waste that would have occupied 50,00,000 cubic yards of landfill and saved 11,00,000 tonnes of CO2 over a period of a decade

10 Jan 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Ganesha Ecosphere recycles the discarded PET bottles into user-friendly polyester staple fibre and polyester spun yarn

​In 2022, the company has been in the news ever since it inaugurated the first phase of twin projects in the Kakatiya Mega Textile Park.

The PET bottle recycling company invested close to Rs 350 crore (to be ramped up to Rs 550 crore in 2023) in the manufacture of recycled polyester fibre and yarn. Once operational, the two plants will employ more than 1000 people and consume approx 60,000 tonnes of waste PET bottles per annum thereby contributing to In​​dia's vision of sustainable development.

Ganesha Ecosphere, established in 1987 is one of the leading rPET Fibre manufacturers in India. They manufacture rPET Fibre and rPET Yarn from pre and post consumer PET bottles at its manufacturing units at Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), and Bilaspur (Uttar Pradesh) the company has a cumulative capacity of 1,18,800 tons per annum (1.08,600 TPA of RPSF and 7200 TPA of RPSY and 3000 TPA of Dyed and Texturised/ Twisted Filament Yarn) of rPET Fibre and yarn. 

Ganesha Ecosphere recycles the discarded PET bottles into user friendly polyester staple fibre and polyester spun yarn having versatile applications. To source raw material (Pet plastic waste) they have developed a pan India network of scrap dealers and contractors who in turn work through rag pickers for supplying the PET plastic  waste to the Company. Contractors also supply directly from various cities. Network enables collection of about 350 tons of PET  plastic waste daily.

The waste PET bottles are collected, compressed, packed into bales and shipped to the processing factory. Then, the plastic bottles are sorted to remove non PET stuff. Then they are cleaned, chipped to small flakes and converted into Rate Based Size Per flow (RPSF) through high speed extruders in a non-chemical process. We are solely responsible to keep the environment healthy, that’s why no polluting chemicals are being used. High end drawing and crimping machines are used for the process.

Some of the products that Ganesha Ecosphere manufactures are rPET Fibre for Yarn Spinning, rPET Fibre for Non Wovens, rPET Fibre for Flame Retardant (FR), rPET Fibre for Fibre Filling and rPET Fibre for Spun Yarn. 

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