Coca Cola enters the alco-bev market with Lemon Dou

With Lemon-Dou, a ready to go alcohol priced at Rs 230 for a 250 ml can, Coca-Cola has entered the alcohol market. The beverage has been launched in Goa and Maharashtra and is in the testing phase

11 Dec 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

First alco-bev pilot of Coca-cola for Lemon Dou starts in Goa and Maharashtra

After the success of Lemon Dou in Japan in 2018, Coca Cola has entered the Indian alcohol segment with Lemon-Dou, a ready to drink beverage. Lemon Dou is a mixture of lime and Shochu (in Japanese), a distilled liquor like vodka and brandy. 

The preparation and distribution of these beverages is done separately and in independent facilities in India, which are different from the facilities that prepare and distribute its non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverages. 

“Alcohol is a very big category and we have on purpose decided to experiment,” said Coca-Cola’s global marketing chief, Monalo Arroyo. 

Coca-Cola India said it is foraying into the ready-to-drink tea beverages segment with the launch of 'Honest Tea'. The brand is owned by Honest, a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company.

The organic green tea for the product will be sourced from Kolkata-based Luxmi Tea Co  Makaibari Tea Estate, company officials said.


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