GenZ emphasises sustainability in the PrintWeek Awards 2023

The two student of the year winners; Aarti Desai and Ved Bachhav, at the PrintWeek Awards 2023, talk about environmentally-friendly packaging that are 100% recyclable, and also the ways to achieve them.

30 Oct 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Aarti Desai, currently pursuing masters in packaging science from Michigan State University believes that the packaging industry needs to address the problem of greenwashing, where false claims of sustainability often mislead consumers. She said, “To combat greenwashing and promote circular economy, the industry must urgently shift to genuinely sustainable materials and designs. Collaboration among stakeholders is key, promoting eco-friendly materials, recyclable design, extended producer responsibility, reduced single-use plastics, innovation, consumer awareness, and supply chain cooperation.”

Desai is impressed by ID Fresh Foods and its commitment to innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. She highlighted, “The dedication to putting consumers first is evident in its consumer-centric designs.” She is captivated by some of its standout packaging choices, such as the vada batter’s flexible stand-up pouch with a sprout, the butter stick, and the grated coconut product ingeniously presented in an all-natural coconut shell.

She emphasised on the fact that the use of AI is transforming the packaging and printing industry. “These platforms can optimise processes, enhance quality control, and offer valuable insights into consumer preferences,” she adds. Desai showed her gratitude to the Italian Trade Agency for her visit to Sacmi, Ocme, and Robopac factories and innovation centres in Italy.

According to Desai, prime attention to quality management is much needed in the packaging industry. She believes in ensuring the consistent quality of packaging materials and processes to deliver safe and reliable packaging solutions for various sectors, from food and pharmaceuticals to consumer goods and industrial products.

The joint-winner in the student of the year category was Ved Vikas Bachhav, who is currently pursuing bachelor’s of engineering in printing. He believes that the packaging industry needs environmentally-friendly products that are 100% recyclable.

One print and packaging technique with which Bachhav is impressed is edible packaging. He said, “Edible packaging consists of thin layers of material that the consumer can eat as part of the whole food. It appropriately preserves the food. It is an eco-friendly technique for packaging.”

He strongly believes everyone in our industry should know about softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, CAD, PLM, and Six Sigma. When asked about his factory visit, he replied, “I visited Parakh Agro’s flexible packaging factory. It has a unique set-up with a range of flexible, food, frame and baby care products along with printing and pouch-making.” He emphasised that the company works with multiple types of substrate such as poly, BOPP, and metPET. Bachhav says, “an eye opener”.

He said, “Since packaging is the way of communicating to all people, poor to rich, and educated to illiterate, it requires the most attention.”

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Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?


Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?

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