Haldiram's campaigns for RTE packages

With summer, the season of holidays and travels upon us, Haldiram, one of the country’s premier snacks brands, has announced a campaign to promote the brand as an ideal snacking companion during travels and vacations. The new title Pack Kiya Kya? (Did you pack Haldiram's?) highlights the company's varied ready-to-eat (RTE) food items.

13 Jun 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

The home-style packets are available across offline markets and online eCommerce platforms

As part of the campaign, Haldiram's aims to provide Indians with a healthy range of RTE food options, including popular curries like dal makhani, combos like rajma and rice, and instant cups like poha and upma, among others. These offerings can be packed offline from stores or from online platforms.

Divya Batra, head of marketing, Haldiram's said, "Haldiram's is serving as a staple brand for dry snacks and instant foods. Understanding the emotional connection with the Indian masses on every occasion, we wanted to ensure that they never miss out on our astounding flavours, even when they are away from home. We encourage them to carry their favourite RTE foods from Haldiram's by simply asking them, 'Haldiram's Pack Kiya Kya?'"

RTE products such as curry rice, upma, and vegetable biryani are retort processed for longer shelf-life. The packaging materials used are injection moulded plastic containers, plastic film/bag pouches or paperboard cartons.

Haldiram claims the pouches' shelf-life to be 360 days; ovenable boards up to 3 months; and cups to be 9 months. The packages for such kind exhibit characteristics such as low water vapour and oxygen permeability, odour and grease resistance, and good physical strength.

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