Mondelez sheds light on consumer centric packaging

While sharing about consumer needs and insights, Preeti Bambal who is R&D Packaging Category Lead from Mondelez focused on the company’s commitment to work with the consumers in order to find the right solutions and create a sustainable supply chain.

02 Feb 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Mondelēz International aims to make all packaging recyclable by 2025.

One of the important sessions at the 5th Annual Packaging Quality and Innovation Summit was delivered by Preeti Bambal who is the category lead of R&D Packaging at Mondelez International on consumer-centric packaging design. She started the session with a quiz about Mondelez and its history.

Preeti Bambal  said, “We developed mock unbranded mocks with seven marks and code on it. This was shown to the consumer. Inside the pack we put the product, which was empty as well as individually wrapped with transparent pouches. So, we showed these packs to different consumers.” Banbal pointed out that the outcome of the study was to facilitate the brand’s understanding about what consumers want. 

Bambal shared crucial parameters. This include: hygiene and the ease of opening. 

This is a SCADA or a data acquisition and management summary. So all the elements were analysed or based on parameters like premium look, uniqueness, ease to open, ease to carry, easy to restore plus resale. All these functional concepts and parameters scored high. 

Preeti Bambal said, “We launched the standard pouch with the opaque package and product and resealable zipper, the resealable feature with the zipper inside it.” She added, “We did a detailed analysis to understand whether consumers want individual wrappers and their views about sustainability.”

Mondelēz International aims to make all packaging recyclable by 2025. 

The 5th Annual Packaging Quality and Innovations Summit was held on 18-19 February 2023 at the Holiday Inn in Mumbai. With more than hundred attendees, ten sessions, two panel discussions and round table discussions, the show proved to be successful.

The summit focused on segments like sustainability, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), circular economy, packaging design, pharmaceutical packaging, digitisation and automation of packaging innovation, quality management and security in the supply chain.


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