Onkara Beverages launches Lone Wolf in Goa

Onkara Beverages & Hospitality with its unique homegrown beer - Lone Wolf has established itself as the most trusted Alcobev choice in India.

08 Apr 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty

An indigenously curated unconventional beer, Lone Wolf comes in three unrivalled variant’s - Lone Wolf Alpha - a Belgian witbier, Lone Wolf Mavrick - a light and crisp malt lager and Lone Wolf Strong. After winning the hearts of spirit connoisseurs across north India, Lone Wolf beer is now being launched in Goa. With its fine taste, unique flavour and amazing smoothness, the Lone Wolf brand is breaking conventions to carve a niche for itself as a premium drink. A drink for the nonconformist at heart, Lone Wolf urges all to take charge of their lives and break all boundaries.

Goa, one of the most popular tourist hotspots in India is home to an active Alcobev scene. With a good mix of high end and local bars and a good footfall of tourists from across India and the world, Lone Wolf is all set to woo the youth and the young at heart with its free-spirited taste. Goa awakens the explorer in everyone and the Lone Wolf beer will only enhance the drinking experience with its avant-garde flavours.

Atul Kumar Singh, Co-founder and managing director of Lone Wolf said, “Goa offers favourable norms and ease of doing business making it a go-to market for startups and new entrants, like us, in the Alcobev industry.” 

Anurag K, Co-founder and COO of Lone Wolf added, “The state’s large tourist and visitors population allows a brand to get a rich mix of feedback from a very diverse set of audience, giving very valuable insights. And I am looking forward to this Goa launch with many expectations.”

Designed to meet the desire of experience seekers, Lone Wolf drinks are loved for its low-additive, low-enzyme and high-quality ingredients sourced from both European and domestic markets. The beers are now abundantly available in many pubs, bars and wine shops across North and South Goa. 


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