Robots in packaging to be USD 7.5-bn

According to data from Fact.MR, the global packaging robots market is expected to surge from USD 3.8-billion in 2022 to USD 7.5-billion by 2032. This growth is projected to maintain a CAGR of 7% over the period spanning from 2022 to 2032.

12 Mar 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

Adoption of packaging robots equipped with vision capabilities are preferred for assembly line operations

Packaging robots are engineered to handle labour-intensive tasks with speed and cost-effectiveness. Featuring integrated controls, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced software and sensors, these robots are designed for easy operation. Tasks such as picking and placing, boxing, palletising, and warehousing are within their versatile capabilities.

Companies opt for packaging robots due to their ability to enhance supply chain efficiency, improve packaging effectiveness, and reduce operational costs. These robots utilise appropriate end-of-arm tooling to complete various packing operations. They are available in different sizes, payloads, reaches, and mounting configurations, making integration into different workspaces straightforward.

Vacuum grippers utilise suction force generated by a vacuum to perform various tasks, such as installation, packaging, and material handling. In the food and beverage sector, manufacturers are transitioning from traditional assembly line methods to fully automated assembly lines to produce both standard and customised packaging.

This shift towards automation highlights the adoption of packaging robots equipped with vision capabilities, which are preferred for assembly line operations.

Companies in the packaging robots market plan to conduct research and development initiatives to create robotic packaging systems to meet the increased demand from factories throughout the world. Key companies are anticipated to release advanced products to provide a reliable pick-and-place operation at work as smart factories continue to evolve and industrial automation is used.

In 2020, Fanuc Corporation, introduced the R-2000id robot with cable-integrated technology. This robot has features including picking and positioning and auto checking in addition to packaging.

Key market players are concentrating on growing their customer base internationally. Top suppliers are providing advanced robotic machines that may be used for simultaneous picking, palletising, and packing tasks.

In 2020, Bosch Packaging Technology’s German-based packaging machinery division was acquired by Syntegon Technology.

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