Siegwerk webinar to focus on sustainable inks and coatings

PrintWeek and Siegwerk are hosting a webinar on 27 July with the aim of highlighting how to improve the quality of recycled material by implementing PVC-free ink and coating solutions.

25 Jul 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The webinar to be held on 27 July, which will focus on recycling aspects with inks and coatings

Dr Dipshikha Banerjee, who is head of technology - flexible packaging at Siegwerk, will talk about PVC-free systems which enables to improve the quality of recycled material. During the webinar, Siegwerk will focus on creating a circular economy for packaging through its solutions for the industry.

The company suggests that today, in Asia, PVC/CPP-based inks, primers and OPV’s are under the spotlight, and there is a need for brand owners, converters and inks suppliers to cooperate in the switch of PVC solutions. The webinar will also emphasise on why the change to PVC is essential and how it benefits the recycling process, and also its pros and cons.

The webinar will talk about what drives PVC/CPP inks. These include their sustainability status in general, and started on substrates (in case of PVC) and now developing on inks. The impact of PVC inks in mechanical recycling, is also a pillar of packaging sustainability strategies.

Banerjee focused, “Flexible packaging has long been vilified, as it is harder to collect and recycle compared to even rigid plastics. This can be solved by using more recyclable materials - the trend of paperization, and secondly, improving recyclability of flexible plastic packaging - improving circularity. The shift to mono-materials and the use of de-inkable inks and de-inking solutions to improve the quality of recyclates are the game changers in this.”

The two webinar experts

Thomas Haas, head of Asia support flexible packaging
Thomas Hass has close to 33 years of experience with Siegwerk. He has been in Application Technology, Flexible Packaging from the beginning with responsibility for different countries. Thomas was based in Shanghai, China for five years. He subsequently continued to support Asia and Latam with Know How transfer, training and project support. Today he is based in Germany and frequently travels all over Asia and LATAM supporting teams.

Dr Dipshikha Banerjee, head of technology, flexible packaging, India region
Dr Dipshikha Banerjee started her career in the flexible packaging (FP) business unit of Siegwerk Germany in 2016 as an inter-company technology partner in the global unit and led a team to help consolidate the knowledge bases of the units in Germany and India. During this period, she worked closely with the FP unit of Siegwerk India. Thereafter she headed the Energy Curing Ink lab of FP, EMEA. She has also led the development team for water-based inks for flexible packaging for a while.

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