The Aditya Ghosalkar pharma quiz

Test your knowledge and explore the evolving landscape of the Indian pharma industry. From exciting acquisitions to innovative solutions, delve into ten trivia questions. Plus, don’t miss out on the valuable webinar opportunity focusing on legal aspects of printed pharma packaging.

29 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

India is export powerhouse of pharmaceuticals plus its packaging materials and solutions catering to a global market

Guess, guess and guess

1. With the Wahren India acquisition, which company is eyeing to double its pharma packaging business by March 2026?

2. Which country is called the "pharmacy of the developing world"? Millions of people rely on affordable generic medicines produced here. 

3. A popular show recognised to unite South Asia pharma excellence, set to transpire from 26 to 28 November at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida.

4. Which Sudpack innovation was recognised for the WorldStar Packaging Award, under the medical and pharmaceutical category?

5. What is one of the foremost challenges confronting the Indian pharma supply chain?

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6. The Union Government announced a program to encourage research and innovation in pharmaceuticals?

7. The overall pharma supply chain, logistics and warehousing costs in India is?

8. With over 9,000 retail players involved in the landscape of India’s organised market, what do you think is the size of the sector?

9. Which FMCG giant expects to notch Rs 1,000-cr with Savlon’s acquisition from Johnson & Johnson? 

10. The Indian pharma MNC bought the Novartis India arm for its Voveran range, the alcium range and Methergine, to further broaden access to these medicines beyond the current geographies?

Got them right?

1. Noida-based Creative Graphics. It plans to expand its business beyond the core of manufacturing flexo printing plates.

2. India, a prominent player in the global vaccine market, accounts for around 60% of the total vaccines supplied to UNICEF.

3. CPHI and PMEC India 2024. A three-day pharma packaging trade show that has all covered for members involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain, as per the organisers. 

4. PharmaGuard, a PP-based recyclable film for blister packaging from Sudpack Medica. It offers a reduced climate impact (in CO2-eq) of up to 47% as well as lower energy and water consumption compared to other commonly used PVC/PVdC and aluminium blister solutions.

5. Regulatory compliance. The industry operates within a complex regulatory landscape characterised by stringent quality standards and evolving regulations. Ensuring compliance with diverse regulatory requirements across different markets poses a considerable challenge.

6. Promotion of Research and Innovation in Program (PRIP) scheme.

7. 15% higher worldwide plus the Indian pharma companies have an inventory period of 98 days over 64% global data, as per a study released by GS1 India.

8. Rs 2-lakh crore.

9. ITC.

10. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories. 

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