Two Indian firms to sign up for Fogra at Drupa

Indian print firms appear to be valuing the importance of print standardisation certifications. According to Kulakkada Pradeep, CEO of Future Schoolz, "Imprint Technopack in Bengaluru and Orange Printers in Thiruvananthapuram are committed to opt for the Fogra PSO Certification process."

27 May 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Earlier this year, Future Schoolz became an official PSO Partner of Fogra from India

Sekhar Balakrishna, managing director of Imprint Technopack, and Roy Thomas of Orange Printers have inked an agreement with Future Schoolz, the Indian partner for Fogra PSO Certifications, to assist and perform the certification tests soon.

Fogra PSO specifications are in accordance with ISO 12647, and the interest in Indian printers demonstrates a desire to comply with global standards. Print standardisation and its accompanying benefits will assist Indian printers and converters in raising quality standards, increasing production, and achieving more profitability. Fogra has appointed Future Schoolz as Fogra PSO partners in 2024 February.

Kulakkada Pradeep said, "This is an important turning point in the history of the Indian print industry; within months of appointing a partner in India, two printers are pursuing Fogra PSO certifications. We have received interest from leaders in the Indian print industry, and we anticipate signing up more printers in the coming months." He added, "We wanted to assist more printers to comply with Fogra PSO standards which will position Indian printers to compete with the leading print factories of the world.”

Sekhar of Imprint Technopack stated that Imprint Technopack caters to a few of the most demanding print buyers, and they intended to set a much better standard than our customers. Sekhar felt Fogra standards are ideal for this purpose, spanning from print-ready files to print runs that include CTP and proofing. Other certifications cover just the print process.

Meanwhile Roy of Orange said, "We are on the lookout for expanding our customer-base and want to enter several other markets in the future. We strive to provide the highest quality to our customers while also ensuring the highest return on our technological investments. With Fogra PSO standards, we can maximise the productivity, predictability of quality standards, and ensure satisfaction with customers."

Earlier this year, Future Schoolz became an official PSO Partner of Fogra from India. As Kulakkada Pradeep said, "This means Future Schoolz can now run audit and certification programs at printing companies for standardisation, complying with Process Standard Offset - PSO (ISO 12647)." In the past couple of years, Future Schoolz has created a benchmark in print standardisation and reduction of wastages in printing and packaging industries in India. This Fogra PSO partner status will add further value to their ongoing activities.

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