An HDPE film with security features

Top brand-owners are seeking greater security for their products. PolyArt advocates what it says has high printability, resistance to scuff, and tamper-evident features

18 Aug 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

An HDPE film with security features

What does it do?
Authentiseal provides security solutions to printers, brand owners and consumers with its in-built security features.

What is unique about it?
It has a blue-backing technology, which accommodates taggants. The company can also incorporate watermarks, fibres and polydots in the product. For consumers, the blue-back acts as proof of tampering and maintain the authenticity of the product. This product can also accommodate 2D QR codes and barcode printing through thermal transfer along with holograms. It has an opacity of 97%.

Where is it manufactured?
In France.

Describe the technology?
It is a voided HDPE film with in-built security features and coatings.

When was it launched in India?
In 2017.

What segment is it aimed at?
It is used for security in packaging applications such as food, pharma, cosmetics, alcohol beverages, electronics, automobile spare parts, and lubricants.

What equipment does it work on?
It works on offset, flexo, and digital (HP Indigo) printing machines.

How does it work?
The product is made of voided HDPE films with a special in-house coating. This product has an ultra-delaminate top layer, which comes off when the consumer tries to open the seal, leaving an evident mark on the product. This is a physical platform/medium (substrate) for digital security printing applications such as QR codes.

Any tweak to the equipment required?

What’s the USP?
It’s a waterproof, conformable film with a high print receptive coating, merged with unique security features, which can be personalised based on the requirement of the customer.

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?

How do you compare it with other similar products available in the market?
There is no similar product being offered in the market at the moment. The closest products are void and UDV facestock, which offer limited security.

How easy is it to use?
It is extremely easy to convert on the machine and equally easy to apply through an applicator, manually. It’s easily conformable and can be used at 90-degree angles, such as the cap of the liquor bottle.

What is the cost?
The cost of the product would vary with the type of security features required in the film.

Customer feedback
It is machine- and user-friendly and unique because of the various security features on the film.

Specifications of the product.
HDPE film, 70 gsm, 115 microns.

Contact details:
Ruchit Vora

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