Mahisa highlights versatile glueing solutions for packaging

Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging Systems talks to WhatPackaging? team about how the company caters as a packaging solutions provider with expertise in glueing systems

18 Jan 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Mahisa's Parshva Shah discusses the positive response to PackEx and the unique offerings of Mahisa, specialising in hotmelt adhesive dispensing systems for carton sealing applications. The conversation explores various products, from manual foot pedal systems to semi-automatic conveyors, including speed and stack packs for diverse applications.

Shah highlights Felix's XY glue plotter, designed to automate the glueing process with precise dispensing on various substrates. The focus is on providing cost-effective and simple solutions for the market's cost-sensitive nature.

Major applications lie in the food industry, catering to carton sealing needs. Additionally, Mahisa targets POS display manufacturers with the XY glue plotter, aiming to serve corrugation-based products that require simultaneous hot and cold glue applications.

Commenting on the R&D, he shed light on the importance of concentrating on integrating carton sealing with coding for easier installation on existing lines and developing fully automatic cartoning systems. Sustainability is considered, with a focus on reducing plastic shrink wrap usage.

While the concept is new, no bookings or installations have occurred, emphasising the ongoing optimisation process to ensure durability and long-term functionality during 8-12 hour shifts.

Shah told WhatPackaging? that the company plans to develop a demo centre in Mumbai for customers to explore its wide portfolio. Looking ahead to 2024, the focus is on advancing automation technology, making it accessible to smaller companies, particularly MSMEs, to enhance efficiency and uniformity in their operations.

Mahisa is committed to providing affordable and efficient technology, bridging the gap for smaller companies and promoting automation step-by-step.

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